Friday, February 22, 2019

11 Ways to Encourage a Writer


Getting positive feedback on anything you've shared online feels great, even if its just a simple comment left on your blog.

Each and every person that buys or downloads your book, reads it, and then goes on to leave a comment makes you feel humbled, especially if the reader has left a positive review.

11 Amazing Ways to Inspire and Encourage a Writer Today

Spread the word with my list of generous and encouraging ways to inspire a writer today:

1. Follow Your Favourite Authors on Social Media

Do a search for all of your favourite authors and writers on Google, and follow them.  Visiting their sites, liking, sharing and, pinning their post updates regularly.
2. Create Your Own Updates for an Author's Book and Post it on Social Media

Recommend another authors' book, post it on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter linking it to your review of the book.

3. Inquire at Your Local Library to See if They Have Your Favourite Author on their Bookshelves

Ask to be alerted when the book enters the system.  You're not only helping the author sell another book, but also helping them to share their work with a wider audience.

4. Recommend Your Favourite Writer to Friends and Family

Spread the word about your favourite writer online, tell your friends and family.  Not all writers are authors.

5. Share Your Favourite Authors Book with Friends and Family

Much like number 4, you can do this by ordering an extra copy, and encouraging your friend's to read it then write a review of the book.

6. Write a Review on GoodReads

If you already have an account, why not use it to review your favourite authors books.

7. Give Your Favourite Writer an Upvote on Amazon

Under each review you have the opportunity to click Yes or No on "Was this review helpful to You?".  If you feel a review has been given that is unfair to the author or doesn't express the books contents accurately you can give that negative review a "No".

8.  Review and Rate a Book on Amazon

Give your favourite author an honest review, along with many stars.  This will help any new readers decide whether the book is right for them.  Don't put off writing a review, after you've bought the book.

9. Highlight a Writer on Your Blog or Website

Write about your favourite writer or include links to the the writer's website.

10. Purchase Books By Your Favourite Author

One of the best ways to encourage your favourite writer is to simply buy their eBook or book in paperback.

11. Sign Up to Their Newsletter

Most writers will have a free eBook or website newsletter to sign up to.  Let them know you really enjoyed the free eBook they sent you.

If you're a writer and has felt support and encouragement let me know in the comments section below.
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