Monday, March 02, 2020

The 10 Top Creativelive Courses for Writers

Leonardo da Vinci once said, Learning never exhausts the mind.  A truer word was never spoken.

As writer's we should always be learning something new about our craft, along with researching new topics to keep our writing fresh. Whilst trying to stay current with the latest marketing and social media techniques.

Learning online is one of the best ways to fit in all of that knowledge, and you can do this through CreativeLive.  Online learning allows you to work at your own speed and in your own time.  Choosing courses that suit you and your interests, bypassing the courses you don't need.

Take a look at these 10 CreativeLive courses that are perfect for all writers:

In this course Jeff Goins teaches you how to turn your writing from a side hustle into a full-time job.  You'll discover that artists don't need to starve, but instead can be profitable as a writer, you just have to get over any hang-ups.
 1. Self-Publishing for the Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs looking for an innovative way to set themselves and their business part from the competition are increasingly turning to writing their own books. It's a unique and powerful way to be seen as an expert in your field, provide people with knowledge and information they can use, and highlight the benefits of your product and service. Book coach Jennie Nash will break the process down into actionable steps so you can get over your trepidations and commit to writing your magnum opus.

2. How to Create Addictive Content

If you're a writer that struggles with coming up with new innovative ideas and fresh content, Melissa Cassera's course is for you.  Her course is all about creating content that is engaging and tells a story, the kind of things brands and companies are looking for in their writers.  If you need a boost to your content skills or your new to content writing it's worth a look.

3. Overcome Writer's Block

At some point all writer's suffer from writer's block, unfortunately if it's your living you can't afford to wait until it passes and creativity starts again.  Dave Ursillo shows you how to get to the core of your writer's block and work-out how to overcome it.

4. Freelancing 101: Turning Your Side Hustle into Cash

If your side hustle is freelance writing and you want to turn it into a career, Andrew Whelan will show you how to get off on the right foot.  Teaching you everything from setting your rates to marketing your skills to the right clientele.

5. How to Break the Habit of Self-Doubt and Build Real Confidence

Many writer's struggle with Imposter Syndrome, it's difficult trying to flourish in your career especially when you think you don't deserve it.  Mel Robbins' course will help you improve your confidence and make the changes to be successful.

6. Make More Money and Discover Your Worth

A dilemma of many writer's, not receiving their real worth.  There are many writers who don't rate their own work and will accept low rates that won't cover the bills.  In this course Sue Bryce and Tiffany Angeles, will teach you how to value yourself and stop you sabotaging your revenue.

7. Personal Finance for Artists & Freelancers

Unfortunately your writing skills will only take you so far in the business world, especially if you want to be self-employed.  You also need to be responsible for your business finances and skills, collecting payments, sending out invoices, setting your own rates, and reporting your taxes.  Start getting on top of your business finances and budgeting with this course taught by Galia Gichon.

8. Personal Branding for Creative Professionals

These days your online presence needs to have your personal stamp all over it.  Your website and social media accounts say a lot about you and your work.  You may or may not be hired if your branding isn't up to scratch.  Dorie Clark will teach you how to make your online presence shine with branding and marketing skills that will reach new clients.

9. Time Management 101

Staying organised and being productive is a big part of being a writer.  This all boils down to time management.  How do you use 24 hours more effectively?  Mike Vardy's courses will help eliminate distractions, help you set up your priorities and crush your goals.

10. How to Be Bold, Resilient & Better Than Ever

TV personality and hairstylist Tabitha Coffey brings her personality and straight-talk to this course.  Teaching you how to identify your goals, be honest with yourself and beat the challenges in your way.  Essential lessons for your writing career and your life!
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