Monday, January 14, 2019

Why It's Good to Take a Breather from Writing

On Writing

If you're like me and you love to write and want to write well, the thought of taking a break or time out, can seem pretty scary.  Especially if you're working on a big project.

Every time you sit down to write your thoughts need to be fresh.  When you start to feel lethargic or fed up then its time to take stock of your situation.

Check out these 3 reasons why taking a breather from your writing is so important:

1. Resist Burnout

Going straight from one writing task to the next will sicken you and eventually wear you down.  That feeling of  elation when you see how many projects you've completed, will soon start to bore you.  The enjoyment you have for writing will slowly start to disappearThat's why you need to take time out to clear your mind.
2. A New Point of View

A eureka moment, or a moment of inspiration that comes over you suddenly,  is your brain engaging in passive thinking.  To put it simply, your brain keeps you chomping on a problem in a whole new way, while you're trying to stop it.

Reinvigorated Mind

When you rest your body, your brain replenishes and restores you back to full power again.  So have a lazy day every once in a while, you'll discover how much more dynamic your writing will become.

Feel Transformed, Take a Break

You don't need to work your fingers to the bone to be a great writer.  Give yourself a day or two to chill out, then come back refreshed and ready for your next set of challenges. 

What are your thoughts about taking a break away from your writing? Let me know in the comments below.
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  1. I agree. As writers, we need to be fresh whenever we sit down to write. Otherwise, our writing becomes stale and loses that ability to excite, entertain, and move people emotionally. When we are no longer moved by our own writing, or the desire to write, how can we expect other people to feel anything when they read our words.


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