Wednesday, December 19, 2018

41 Websites That Will Pay You to Write


In the past few year's Google has helped to improve the content we see online today. Content is King is a simple phrase that captures that thought perfectly, it's true to say that no one understands the complexity of the algorithm Google uses (the formula used for ranking a website). Having individual and different content is definitely key.

Writing fever has taken over, and companies all over the world are crying out for new content to be written by individuals (such as you) on their website. A number of companies are happy to pay willing writers for a really well written article that will help boost their company in the search rank online.

If you feel like you want to dip your toes into the freelance world as a writer, here are some tips and websites for you to look into.

Writing Resources:

  1. Quit Your Job: Inside My Low-Risk Leap Strategy to Full-Time Freelancing
  2. Earn Money Writing: 3 Ways I Get $500+ Per Blog Post
  3. Writing for Money: Here's What You'll Earn in 2019
  4. Write For Magazines: Steal This Writer's to Land Top Pubs
  5. How to Make Money Writing: 113 Grow-Big Actions to Earn More  
No Experience Required

The good part about this is that you don't need previous experience in order to take advantage of what projects are on offer, no matter what your writing level is. These are some of the perks to freelance writing:
  • You can choose the subjects you're most passionate about
  • Work when and where you want
  • Start a passive income through performance payments
Here are 41 websites that pay writer's more than $50+:

  1. Rankpay
  2. Doctor of Credit
  3. The Penny Hoarder
  4. Modern Farmer
  5. Mirasee
  6. IncomeDiary
  7. FreshBooks
  8. FreelanceMom
  9. eCommerce Insiders
  10. Skirt
  11. Narratively
  12. LightHouse
  13. Guideposts
  14. Eureka Street
  15. The Establishment
  16. Stork Guide
  17. Babble
  18. PsychCentral
  19. The Atlantic
  20. The Anxiety Foundation
  21. YourTango
  22. Vice
  23. TwoPlusTwo Magazine
  24. The Tablet
  25. Smithsonian Magazine Online
  26. Refinery29
  27. Pretty Designs
  28. OZY
  29. New York Observer
  30. Knitty
  31. WPHub
  32. WordCandy
  33. Tuts+
  34. Linode
  35. Indeni
  36. A List ApartSaveur
  37. Fund Your Life Overseas
  38. Expatica
  39. Desert USAWOW! Women on Writing
  40. Make a Living Writing
  41. Freedom with Writing 

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