Wednesday, December 26, 2018

6 Useful Things to Know About Social Media

I've been looking into social media more deeply these days and this is what I've discovered.

1. Social media is all about community

A term much used these days, can also be a little too vague at times. For many writer's, this term refers to the community readers and followers, as well as the other like minded publisher's in your community.

Nobody owns or has control over a community, but engaging with one is vital.  Being recognised enough to be respected and trusted is a good sign of your authority within that community.

2. People don't respond to authors who only use social media for their own ends

Your success will be limited with this ham handed approach.  You need to engage with other people and share their work to.

3. Social media makes you more creative

Many people see social media as a marketing tool, while this is certainly true, it can also be seen as a creative medium.  With some skillful research, design and writing, your updates can be more meaningful.

4. Have fun with it

All creative joy gets sucked out, if it feels more like a chore. People latch onto this straight away, when signs of negativity are showing through, whether it be in blog posts or through social media.  Try adding a bit of humour now and again, along with some insight into your life.

5. More readers, more freedom

The more you can reach out to your readers, through your newsletter, website or social media, the less time you need to spend looking at other more expensive options, such as advertising.

6. Experiment and find your own way

Everyone has their own ideas about how they should use social media, there aren't any rules other than good principles and best practises.

So don't take it too seriously, relax, social media isn't just about you, it's about your audience too.