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Getting Feedback on Your Writing to See What's Effective

Understand what is and isn't working in your writing with quality feedback.

The main thing I try to do is write as clearly as I can. I rewrite a good deal to make it clear.

E.B. White.

Feedback, and What It Does

When you sit down and look at what you've written you put yourself into the reader's shoes hoping that your message is clear.

Getting feedback from someone else is a useful way of getting into your reader's head, and understanding how your audience will view your work.

No Time is the Right Time for Feedback

The most important thing to think about is that your draft is at the very least readable and has been proofread  for any grammatical, formatting or general typos.  You can decide how many drafts you want to do using feedback.

Establish Your Feedback Aims

Understand where you need to make improvements in your writing.

Such as:

  1. Structure
  2. Argument
  3. Writing tone
  4. Writing style

Feedback From Friends and Family

Start with your friends and family, people you trust who will give you feedback for free. 

The Downside

When you ask for feedback from loved ones you might find that its not constructive enough, purely because they're close to you.  Which doesn't help.

They won't have the know-how you need, and will miss important points and suggestions that are crucial to your work.

Feedback From Writers You Know

The most obvious place to get good quality feedback is from someone in the field who knows what to look for.

You can find writers:

  1. On critique websites such as Scribophile and Critique Circle.
  2. On online writing communities.
  3. On Facebook groups.

Use your own judgement when collecting feedback from a writer because, just like you, they'll have their own style and biases.

Feedback from Professional Services

You'll also find professional services that offer valuable and helpful feedback.  

You can find them under:

  1. Copyediting
  2. Manuscript critiquing
  3. Developmental editing

When You Receive Feedback

Take it on the Chin

You've asked for it, so take what you're given and use it to benefit your writing.

Ask for More Than Opinion

Different opinions will give you a wider scope and will let you see how people view your work.

Remember You're in Control

At the end of the day it's your work, and you have the final say.  You don't have to change something you don't want to.  Use your intuition and stay true to yourself.

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