Monday, September 25, 2023

How to Clean Up Your Writing


Clean up your writing and see your ideas take shape.

Start By Pouring Out Your Ideas on the Page

You might not write well every day, but you can always edit a bad page. You can't edit a blank page.
Jodi Picoult. 
In order to start writing you need to turn the faucet on.  
After some reflection you quickly realise that what you've typed out is nothing more than gibberish.  And in amongst this gobbledegook ideas start emerging, and coming together to form text that is coherent and can actually be used.
You're job as a writer is to simplify and break down all of those words and sentences into something intelligible.  With some work those words and sentences can be untangled and polished to reveal a message worth reading.
The Rewrite

The rewrite allows you to make improvements, or enhancements to the text, and shows your skill as a writer. 

Editing Your Work

Editing your work is the process of making improvement and seeing your content from the reader's point of view.  Giving your work a thorough going over, reading it again and again, while you're looking at structures, paragraphs, sentences and words that may need major overhaul, or only minor changes.
Things to look out for when you edit:
  • Have you been using simple language?
  • Have you explained any technical or difficult words?
  • Have you made your writing accessible?
  • Have you been using the correct structure?
  • Have you been using basic sentences to explain your points?
  • Have you been describing each theme in a new paragraph?
  • Have you been talking to the reader directly in your writing?
  • Have you been using metaphorical language that makes sense to your audience?
  • Have you given the reader different ways to understand your message?
  • Have you told the reader everything they need to know about your message?
  • Have you taken your reader's feelings and beliefs into account?
  • Have you made your message noteworthy?
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