Monday, August 21, 2023

Changing Your Reader's Mind


The only way to learn is by changing your mind.

Orson Scott Card.

Here's a quick thought.

When was the last time you changed someone else's mind?

When did you have a conversation with someone, and come back a few days or weeks later, and that same person was still on the same page as you?

No Guarantees

There are no guarantees, when it comes to persuading someone on your side.

Most of the time, what you tell people goes right over their head.

So How Do You Change Your Reader's Mind?

We're going to look at some techniques that will really make your reader's think.

Be Friend Not Foe 

A large part of getting your audience to accept what you say is to make them understand your message.  

You do this by being respectful, friendly, and understanding.

Let's look at some techniques.

Let People Convince Themselves

You can fire out as many facts as you like but that won't change someone's mind.  Instead, what you need to do is implant uncertainty and indecision into their mind.

Comfortable Ignorance

Let's face it, most people don't know how stuff really works, and most don't take the time to look things up for themselves.

In order to combat this effect you need to show people their own naivete, and show them the facts and arguments you have, citing your sources. 

Then, let them decide.

Be Authentic

Use your own knowledge and expertise and let people determine for themselves the knowledge they are receiving.

Walk in Their Shoes

Present your views in a way that mirrors your audience's own situation.  In other words, try walking in their shoes.

People are more receptive and open to new thoughts and things when they know another person has been in a similar situation to them.

Make It Beneficial

Show your readers that your ideas are profitable to them, will it benefit their life in any way? Will it solve a problem? 

Submit Your Own Evidence

Tell your readers what you've discovered, relate personal stories.  

Takeaway Obstacles

In order to get people to understand your points, you need to find out why they're resisting.  What are the barriers standing in your way of getting people to understand your point of view?

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