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Difficulties Involved With Affiliate Marketing

 Affiliate marketing is no different to any other business, and you should never let any problem put you off making money.  However, before you start seeing any money you'll need to put a lot of work in before you start seeing any real returns.  The benefit of affiliate marketing is making money while you sleep, but which areas can it fall short, and what can you do about it? 

Finding the Right Audience

Is there really a right niche when you start affiliate marketing?

The world is an ever changing place at the moment, and there's a lot of uncertainty about a lot of things.  Just because a product is popular with a certain demographic should you automatically start a website about that?

These questions are important when you're first starting out, but you need to be sure that you enjoy what you're selling.  

Don't start a website unless you're absolutely sure you'll still be excited about it in a year.  Your prime concern is producing regular content, this helps your audience trust you and get to know you. 

People from all over the world will stumble across your website, some of them will be potential customers, but not all.  That 's why you need to consistently write, and post blog posts on social media and your website.

Payments Will Vary

Affiliate marketing offers the possibility of large sums of money to be paid out, but this takes time and effort to achieve.  It's also not a guarantee that you'll have the same payout month after month.  Some months will be better than others and you'll soon discover which parts of the year your products are at their most popular. 

You need to concentrate on making a regular income and stick to your plan, and the money will follow.

Commissions and Rewards Can Change

It's up to the merchant how much commission they decide to give to you.  A merchant like Amazon Associates will put up their commissions when Prime day starts.  This is an incentive to help you make more money for them and yourself.  You'll also find times when particular products aren't as popular and the merchant will contact you to let you know the commission has been reduced. 

The merchant has the right to change their commissions whenever they want, all you need to do is to continue selling as much as you can.

The Merchant Runs the Ship

Always remember the merchant is running the show, and it's your job to promote the products on offer.  This gives the merchant the right to do whatever he wants, meaning, he can stop promoting a particular banner or product at any time.  

It's vital that you keep your website ads and other links up-to-date.  Website campaigns and banner ads can change leaving your website looking dated.  Be on your guard and check your website layout for any ads that may have been changed or taken off.

Stay True to What You're Selling

The temptation is always there to mislead your customers by making something sound better than it really is.  Being authentic and transparent is all part of the trust you need to gain from your audience.  If something seems off your readers will soon go somewhere else to get their information and products.

Reputation is everything, inaccuracy and false advertising are a recipe for disaster, so stay true to whatever your message is and you can't go wrong. 

Beware of Scammers

You'll find that scammers gravitate towards money, which is why some will try their hand at setting up an affiliate network.  Always research the company you're signing up with thoroughly before jumping in, especially if they're a smaller affiliate network.

Watch Out for Link Hijackers

Some people will try every trick in the book to take advantage of your website and its links and try to make money off your coat tails.  This is why you need to regularly check your website for any suspicious activity that you think looks out of place.  Hacking is one of them, and can be done really easily.

How is an Affiliate Link Hijacked?

A simple piece of software can be used, and will remove the ID of the affiliate link and be replaced with a fake ID.  Beware of what you download to your computer, things such as free internet browser toolbars are the perfect cover to take you unawares.  Once the fake toolbar or other software is installed the affiliate ID will be switched and the perpetrator can steal the earnings.

Make a Record of All Monies Made for Tax Purposes

Once you start seeing regular payments coming in your earnings will start going up.  A simple record can be made through spreadsheets or tables to help you keep track of your earnings.  Keeping yourself right with the taxman.

Keep an Eye Out for Technical Issues

Technical issues can occur at any time, so let's take a quick look at a few of the most common problems you might come across:

  • Computer issues that will erase important data related to your affiliate marketing.
  • Viruses that corrupt your website locking you out.
  • Server problems relating to your web host.

You should be vigilant of hackers, scammers and any other issues related to your website and affiliate marketing.  Some problems can be prevented but if someone is going to catch you out they will, so stay frosty and vigilant and you'll do just fine.

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