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40 Brilliant Gift Ideas for Writers

I've put together a tailor-made list of gifts to make writing a lot more enjoyable, and help build the right kind of headspace, making them more creative and productive. 

1.  Bamboo Wood Expandable Desk Organizer

The ultimate Desktop organiser for books, magazines and office supplies, also stain resistant.

Buy from Amazon $39.99

2.  Freewrite Traveler

The portable distraction free writing tool for on-the-go writing.  Enjoy no browser, no email, and no notifications so you can stay focused and maximize your writing productivity.

Buy from Amazon $469.00

3.  Little Book Holder

This sturdy little book holder will grip any of your hardback or paperback books, leaving your hands free to hold tea, coffee or biscuits.  A really thoughtful little gift.

Buy from Amazon $9.99

4.  Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Software

Transfer your thoughts directly to the computer screen.  This handy bit of software learns as it goes along, recognizing the words and names you use the most.  The best way to eliminate many obstacles between your thoughts and the page.

Buy from Amazon

5.  Book Lovers' Inspirational Bracelet with Classic Author Quotes

Set of 4 silicone rubber bracelets with quotes by inspirational authors such as William Shakespeare, Ralph Waldo Emmerson, Mark Twain and Henry David Thoreau, suitable for men, women and teens.

Buy from Amazon

6.  On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

Give your favourite writer the gift from the master of writing Stephen King. A lesson in writing from the maestro himself, inspiration for any writer.  A revealing and practical view of the craft. 

Buy from Amazon

7. Little Women Writing Gloves

Made from 100% American-made super soft cotton, featuring text from Louisa May Alcott's coming -of-age novel Little Women.

Buy from Amazon

8. Bookstore Candle

A vanilla scented long lasting 9 ounce candle for any book lover.

Buy from Amazon 

9. Jane Austen Action Figure 

For lovers of Jane Austen an action figure just for you.

Buy from Amazon 

10. The Book Lovers Cook Book: Recipes Inspired by Celebrated Works of Literature

Try Ichabod's Slapjacks from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, or Carrot Pudding from A Christmas Carol.  Give your guests a different take on the literary classics with this book of recipes.

Buy from Amazon 

11. Bookshelf Shower Curtain

Bring your love of books into the bathroom with this professionally printed shower curtain.  

Buy from Amazon

12. Writer Emergency Pack

26 idea cards with illustrations with helpful suggestions to try.

Buy from Amazon 

13. Bathtub Caddy & Laptop Bed Desk

This caddy can be used in the bathroom or bedroom, and will stop your laptop from overheating and free your body from neck and back pains.

Buy from Amazon 

14. Authors Card Game 

Dating back to 1861 containing 52 cards with coloured portraits of 13 honoured writers.  Featuring Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare and more.

Buy from Amazon 

15. 16 Inch Buffalo Leather Briefcase Laptop Messenger Bag

Made from the finest grain buffalo leather, fits up to a 15.6 Inch laptop, with plenty of room for smart phones, tablets or books.

Buy from Amazon 

16. E-Ink Monitor

Sitting at a monitor all day can be really damaging, so why not try this screen that uses e-ink technology.  Basically makes everything on your screen look like the pages of a book.

Buy from Amazon

17. Sofia + Sam Lap Desk

With memory foam for comfort this, handy lap desk can work anywhere around your house.  Suitable for laptops, tablets, and smartphones.  

Buy from Amazon 

18. Writing Typewriter Drinking Coasters Set

A waterproof coaster for your favourite writer.

Buy from Amazon

19. Once Upon a Time Storytelling Card Game

An interesting collaborative card game that gets everyone thinking and building a story.

Buy from Amazon 

20. Set of 70pcs Vintage Style Wooden Rubber Alphabet Letters Numbers Symbols (Regular Script)

These decorative wooden stamps are unusual and can be used in a variety of ways for any writer or crafter who wants to customise any material they want.

Buy from Amazon

21. The Emotion Thesaurus

This bestselling thesaurus helps writer's craft emotion into their work.

Buy from Amazon 

22. Do Not Disturb

Mark your territory and deliver the message you don't want to be disturbed with this neat little door sign.

Buy fromAmazon 

23. Personalised Journal

Great for impromptu ideas and creativity.  In a classic leatherette style covering.

Buy from Amazon 

24. Book Binding Kit

Suitable for beginners this is a simple start to binding your own books.  

Buy from Amazon 

25. Bean Coffee Box

A beautiful selection of coffee beans from around the world, guaranteed fresh.

Buy from Amazon

26.  Yes I Really Do Need All of These Books Mug

A book lovers mug, both sides printed for your favourite book lover.

Buy from Amazon 

27. Books Scratch Poster

Scratch off 100 of the best novels ever written in this handy style poster.

Buy from Amazon 

28. Writer's Market

This guide will help you through the process if you're looking to get published as a writer.

Buy from Amazon 

29. Handmade Bookmark on Maple

Made from the finest sustainably harvested woods, can also be personalised.

Buy from Amazon 

30. Japanese Adult Colouring Book 

This unusual colouring book for adults creates hours of fun, stress relief, creativity and relaxation.

Buy from Amazon 

31. Online Courses to Improve Your Writing

You can find writing courses everywhere these days, here are some from Amazon:

How to Write Best-Selling Fiction 

The Art and Business of Online Writing 

Writing Great Fiction 

Writing Creative Nonfiction

Effective Editing  

32. More Books on Writing

Give the gift of a book on writing, books on writing are a handy tool for any writer,

On Writing Well: The Classic Guide to Writing Writing Nonfiction

Writing tools: 55 Essential Strategies for Every Writer

Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within 

Several Short Sentences About Writing 

33. Aqua Notes

Sometimes writers have their best ideas in the shower, why not provide them with a notepad that's waterproof.

Buy from Amazon 

34. Sterling Silver Quotation Mark Earrings

Earrings are handcrafted in Thailand, and are made of sterling silver.

Buy from Amazon 

35.  Industrial Style Retro Steampunk Robot Lamp

This cute lamp will sit at the end of any table or desk, and comes in the style of a water pipe.

Buy from Amazon

36. Audible Plus

Give the gift of Audible plus, and have access to Amazon Originals, audiobooks, podcasts and much more.

Buy from Amazon 

37.  Book Themed Tote Bag 

This versatile tote bag can be used as a shopping bag, and for carrying books, comes with a magnetic closure.  A choice of 26 designs, everything from 1984 to Sherlock Holmes.

Buy from Amazon

38. Adjustable Footrest

A comfortable writing setup will take the pain out of writing.  This will slide under any desk neatly.

Buy from Amazon 

39. Back Rest for Desk Chair

A comfortable thick memory foam that will keep its shape, while your favourite writer works.

Buy from Amazon

40. Keurig Coffee Making Machine

Most writers live off coffee to keep them focused and awake through the long hours. 

Buy from Amazon

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