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Why On Earth Would Anyone Want to be Ghostwriter?

Ghostwriters, the writers who never get credit for the work they've done.  

So why on earth would anyone want to be a ghostwriter?

We're going to look at points that cover the positive and practical sides of ghostwriting that will help you understand why so many writers decide to take up ghostwriting.

Ghostwriting Gives You Flexibility

When you're writing for someone else, the ideas and thoughts aren't yours they're someone else's.  This means you need to use your own skills to be able to:

  • Help your client choose a topic
  • Give the manuscript the right tone of voice, from their point of view
  • Choose a writing style

If you're not flexible it won't work because the client is relying on your expertise to be able to choose the right tone and pick the right writing style for the project.

Ghostwriting Gives You a Fresh Start

Each new project you work on gives you a fresh start and enables you to go into unfamiliar territory.  Where you can really stretch yourself.  Along with new territory comes the relationship with a new client who wants to share their own story or ideas with you.

With every niche, comes new ground, this could be cooking or engineering, enabling you to dive in and out and always be sure there'll be a new subject waiting for you the next time round.

Perspective comes with new clients, getting to know someone and building a relationship of trust that will allow you to explore that person's life.

Ghostwriting Can be Daunting

The excitement disappears as reality sets in when you realise what task lays ahead of you.

Your client has spent years gathering information and thoughts about their story or life. Or maybe they have an idea about a story they want to make into a book.  It's the ghostwriter's job to create something that will capture the reader's imagination using their own skill set.

Ghostwriting is Methodical

Any book you write needs to have structure, which is why it pays to be methodical in the way you work as a writer.

If you can layout the right, you're halfway there.   Without structure, the book your writing will crumble.

That's why method and structure are so important to the process of writing a book. Amongst other things, it tells you where you're going wrong, if you're duplicating chapters, or using the same idea again and again.

Ghostwriting is Absorbing

Most writers will tell you once you get started on a project it's not long before it consumes and absorbs you totally.

Ghostwriting takes time, and hours put in, but even though you've given a price for that time there's nothing to say the job won't start getting in the way of your everyday life.

Ghostwriting is Unselfish

When you write for someone else, in the end you have to hand over your manuscript, after all this is the client's book and not yours.

Once your knowledge and effort is poured into the manuscript it's handed over to the publisher, and then you're free, knowing you've done your best.

Ghostwriting Helps You Learn More About Yourself

By writing about other people's lives, you start to learn about who you really are.  The journey you're taken on through every writing experience helps you open up emotionally, and delve deep inside of yourself and understand what life is all about.

The Practical Side of Ghostwriting

There are plenty of other reasons why people choose to ghostwrite.

It Can Be Highly Lucrative

For those experienced ghostwriters, it can be a well-paid gig.  But most of your income will come from working with other authors.

It Keeps You Productive

Coming up with a never-ending list of ideas for books is no easy feat, but writing for someone else with an idea already helps keep you productive as a writer.

Most of the Research Comes from the Author

Sometimes the author comes fully prepared for the project, leaving the ghostwriter to do a fact check about the information they're given.  This can be a lifesaver, especially if the ghostwriter isn't familiar with the subject matter.  

Pulling together enough research can be a job and a half, which isn't to say writers don't dislike it.  But if you're not acquainted with the subject, then you'll have a higher mountain to climb.

It Helps You Establish Yourself as a Writer

Ghostwriters can struggle for years trying to get their name out to the world.  Once your name is in print on the front cover, even if it's in tiny writing, people will notice you and want to learn more.

What Can a Ghostwriter Do for Writers?

A lot of writers are anxious that it might harm their writing career.  Ghostwriting will turn you into a highly valued writer, and one that publishing houses can depend upon.

It also offers the opportunity to learn about the business of writing and how publishing works.  Giving you a paycheck, that won't come as quickly if you decide to write your own books.

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