Monday, August 30, 2021

The Positives and Negatives of Ghostwriting vs. Producing Your Own Work

So what are the positives of being a ghostwriter?


Paid Well

If you do your job well it can be a very lucrative track to take for any writer.

Your Ghostwriting Talent Will Carry You Far

Publishing houses and editors seek out highly skilled writers, so it's not impossible to climb the tree if you want to reach the top.

Working With the Rich and Famous

Opportunities may arise for you to work the great and good of society.  People gravitate to other highly skilled people, and ghostwriting is no different.  Not only will you be well paid for your services, but these kinds of jobs require you to stretch your writing muscles even more.

Research Is There Already

When the client hands over their own research, all you have to do is to make sure it's accurate.  Verifying the research you've been given can be done through internet search, because half the battle is having the right information in front of you to write the best manuscript for your client.


With every good point of being a ghostwriter there are negatives that should also be thought about.

Credit Not Given for Your Work

Writer's write because they want their voice to be heard, being a ghostwriter means you give up your own voice to find someone else's.  Not everyone is cut out to stand in the shadows, but for those that are the rewards can be great. 

If Your Book is a Best Seller You're Still Unknown

You're not meant to be the main attraction, even if you do have a small mention on the front cover.  The main author is the big event, not you. 

You'll Never be Publicly Recognised

For some writers this can seem like a crushing blow, but for others staying unknown to the audience is part and parcel of the job, and that's enough. 

The Great and Good of Society Can Be Really Demanding

People in the higher spheres and eschelons of life tend to have a lot of things done for them that normal people would usually do for themselves.  Imagine working for a client that's highly strung and requires total secrecy at all times.

Patience is Required For All Those Rewrites

Perfection is the name of the game and so come the rewrites, endless hours of rewriting your work to make it sound more pleasing to your client.  Not every writer can hack that one.

Trust is Crucial

Trustworthiness and reliability are fundamental parts of ghostwriting, and being able to show your motives are clear and not underhanded is all that the client asks for at the end of the day.  

You Give Up All Editorial Rights

Editorial rights: What are they?  Ghostwriters don't have any because the project lies in the hands of an editor, who receives their instructions from the author/client.

Personalities Can Clash

You're always going to find times when you don't get along well with someone because both of your personalities have clashed.  That's just par for the course. 

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