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How to Write Powerful Headlines


Blog post updated 26/08/2019.

Being able to draw your readers in just by the title can be a challenge in itself. Whatever you put out there it, it's always going to be connected to you.

To be a successful writer, understanding the importance of a good headline is paramount, and taking shortcuts in this particular area of writing, doesn't apply.

The first thing someone will see before they set eyes on your blog post is the headline. If your  headline doesn't pop on first reading, your blog post won't catch the eye of as many people, leaving it dead in the water.

Here are a list of 10 things to help you create powerful headlines:

1. Accuracy is Key

Your headline should reflect your article, so don't offer 10 steps, when you're headline says 15. Your readers trust that your headline says exactly what it's going to do.  Don't go overboard in your delivery, too much overselling can be disastrous. 

2. Strike a Chord With Your Readers

To put it simply, make it pop, and have fun with your headline. Finding the right balance takes time.  Look at other writers and see how they create headlines.  Most importantly get to know your audience, and see how far you can push your own boundaries. 

3. Stick to the Point

Again do oversell, and stay on point with your title.  By going over the top, you could frighten many of your readers away.  A headline of 70 characters or less will be seen more clearly on search engines.  Your title will be cut off if it runs any longer.

4. Create Headlines with Lists and Guides

Best of our top 10 article titles draw in an audience faster.  People like articles they can scan through quickly, and easily.  Write blog posts that interest people, because people love reading about things that interest them. 

5. Be Educational

The main reasons people seek out information is for help or entertainment.  There's no harm in writing a humorous blog post once in a while.  If your blog is attached to your business humorous posts won't bide well with your readers.

Bloggers have different ways of educating their audience.  People like to learn new things, by adding educational value to your headline you're more likely to get more views.

6. Have a Good Brainstorming Session

Start making notes, to start the brainstorming process.  Having more options will give you more scope as to what you want to go with with your in article. 

7. Ask Questions Every Now and Again

Asking questions can make your headline even more appealing.  People love to question things and give their own interpretation on things.  It can also be a very effective way of drawing your reader into your article, because they want to know the answer you're going to give.

8. Put Keywords in Your Headline

Search engines love keywords, adding a few in your headline will help you move up in the search engine rankings.

9. Add Some Feeling

Adding some emotional depth will make your article even more compelling, and leave your readers wanting more.  Writing isn't just about being grammatically correct. A connection needs to be made between the author, and the reader of the article.  By adding some depth of feeling to the headline, your article will automatically become clickbait to readers.

10. Be Bold

You want your headline to drip with confidence. Your readers need to be convinced that you know what you're talking about, and that the article they're reading is extraordinary, and will in some way challenge their lives. Engaging with your audience is the endgame, that's when you know you're winning the battle.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about headlines in the comments section below.
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