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How to Write About What You Love and Get Paid


If you're looking to earn extra money, or maybe writing is just your passion.  I'm going to share with you 11 ways to make money from writing online, I'll also cover blogging and marketing, because both of these are essential parts of writing online today.

This blog post is not a get rich quick post , I believe it takes time to lay a foundation, before you start seeing real income come in, if you follow all of these points you're on way to making a real income from your writing.

Best Ways to Make Money Writing Online

1. Start Your Own Blog

Blogging is probably the most popular way to make a passive income online.

There are plenty of writers who blog as a full-time job. Writing evergreen content that will be on the internet for many years to come, and will be a regular source of income.
Blogs are multifaceted platforms that can be updated, and changed to make money. Here are some tried and tested way of making money.

This is your platform, the main way you're going to make money writing online. I know this because I started this blog way back in 2015. You blog is your voice and a platform you can grow into a real money maker.

With a simple platform and domain name you can start making money online.

Like I said earlier, your blog is your writing platform, which you can monetise and will (over time) help support you monetarily.  There's also no harm in dipping your feet slowly with websites such as Hubpages, who will allow you to essentially setup a mini blog using their platform, and you can earn revenue from your writing.

2. Guest Blog and Get Paid

Guest blogging has become a staple of many bloggers, while you'll find that some blogs don't pay you to write content, there are plenty of others who will.

Try searching on Google for sites that pay.

Before you send in your blog post, make sure to read their rules, and get to know their writing style. 

Once you've sent off your pitch, you'll be told about the payment process, (some blogs may only pay for traffic), this means if people really  like your blog post you'll draw in more traffic, and get a better pay check at the end. 

Quick Note: If you've pitched a particular topic to the blog owner, you need to stand by the particular pitch, otherwise you could lose the writing gig.

3. Ask Your Nearest and Dearest

Yes it's that simple, by asking your nearest friends, and family if they know of anyone that might be in need of a writer. You can ask them if they need any help with:
  • Event invitations
  • Advertisements
  • Email newsletters
  • Resumes
Also find out which forums students hang out on, and see if they need any writing done.

4. Become an Affiliate Marketer With Links on Your Blog

A way of selling other peoples products, is a very simple way to make extra money. This is done by adding a link to a piece of relevant content you've already written.

Every time someone clicks on your link and purchases a product, you get the commission.

Amazon is one of the best places to start, because they offer such a huge range of products, and you'll make affiliate sales quite quickly.

5. Create Another Blog

Many of the most successful bloggers have more than one blog.  If you really want a challenge then I'd highly recommend starting at least one more blog, of course it means a lot more work, but it is another way of making extra money.

One things for sure, the mistakes you make with your first blog, you won't make with your second.

6. Try Cold Pitching

You could try sending a cold email to other bloggers, who you feel may need a hand.  Offer them your skills, at a suitable price. You never know you may open some doors and pick up some business along the way.

7.  Offer a Service

This point is not unlike the option offered in number 6.  Creating a service on your blog, such as writing, email management, or social media management can also bring in revenue.

Here are some more ideas for services:
  • Editor
  • Pinterest Manager
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Graphic Designer
  • Website Developer
  • Email marketer
  • Social media marketer
  • Pinterest graphic creator
Use one of your new found skills as a blogger and promote that!

8. Offer Your Skills to Fellow Bloggers

No unlike cold pitching, try reaching out to entrepreneurs and bloggers that you follow, offer them your skills, if you feel they may be struggling a little.

At the end of the end it's no loss to you if you don't hear back from them, but at least you tried, and who knows where it could lead.

9. Start Including Ads on Your Blog

For this one you need at least 25,000 page views on your blog, but it can be very lucrative.

Google Adsense is the most popular company used to add advertising to your blog.

Like most advertising online, all you need to do is insert the advertising code on your blog, and there you'll have a consistent income.

10. Generate Your Own Product

Okay so this one will take time and thought to put together, but you'll be surprised at one you can produce in 30 days.  You could start by looking at your blog posts, and start thinking about producing an eBook which you can sell on your blog.

In the long run it's well worth the effort, and can be a real money spinner.

11. Become an Author

Use your writing skills to write your own novel or self-help book. You can sell it on platforms such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and it may take a little time for your book to take off, but once it does money will start coming in.

Writing books was one of the best moves I ever made as a writer.  It's a great way to get really serous about your writing, while showing the world what you're made of.  You don't need any money to market your books, you can use social media.  And it doesn't take long to write an eBook. 

12. Writing About What You Love and Getting Paid

At the end of the day this all takes time, but its time well spent, especially if your passion is writing.

By learning the ropes online you can open many doors.

I started this blog in 2015, and its been a labour of love ever since.

13. Become a Freelance Writer

Freelance writers have been around for years, usually working for magazines, newspapers, online magazines and websites.

Successful freelance writers really enjoy researching and writing, but also possess great editing and writing skills.

So if you're already a writer, or maybe you want a change of career, freelance writing maybe the way forward for you.

Getting Started

A good place to start sharpening your freelance writing skills is to start your own blog, or start writing for platforms such as Medium, Camp Nanowrimo, and Wattpad.

You could also check out other well-known bloggers who write, such as Goins Writer, Problogger, Jane Friedman, and take note of their writing style and layout, to understand more about how they're writing and grammar is arranged.

Demonstrating You Can Do It

Most freelance writers present a portfolio of their work, you can do the same by putting together a group of blog posts you've already written. If you've written any books you could include a chapter in there to.

Where to Find Freelance Writing Work on the Internet

Problogger job board is a good place to start, you could also try sending out emails to bloggers you think might need an extra hand with writing blog posts.


Freelance writing is not every writers cup of tea, but it could be a path you may want to explore in the future.

If blogging is more of a hobby than a business you may want to start monetizing your blog, by adding affiliate links to your posts and banner advertising.

Don't expect overnight success, build up your clientel slowly using social media for networking, and you'll have a thriving freelance writing business in no time.

 In Conclusion

Start looking at other bloggers and see how they're making money from their writing.

Creating a passive income is not a get rich quick scheme, and requires lots of hardwork.

Once you get started and doing things on a regular basis you will see the money flowing, even while you're sleeping.

Consider the options discussed above and how much it would change your life to earn money this way. 

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