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6 Useful Writing Prompts to Expand Your Creativity

Stimulate Your Creativity

All writers need a little push once in awhile.

From fiction writers to non-fiction writers alike they all use creative writing prompts to help form ideas.

It can be of real value to do a quick side-step, instead of diving straight into a writing piece.  Doing something totally off topic, and using warm-up exercises to get your creative juices flowing.

Many fiction writers turn to prompts for character development, or plot creation.  For non fiction writers it can be used as a technique or tool to improve their writing technique.
Expand Your Productivity

You can use writing prompts in a variety of ways:
  • By raising your output and inspiration, lowering your expectation on a project.
  • By making you more confident to write off the cuff.
  • By allowing you to stretch yourself, practice your writing techniques and styles without losing connection to your main project.
  • By enabling to put your thoughts directly onto the page, free of boundaries and border like you would when you write normally.
  • Unleash Your Full Writing Potential
Doing the above can be really difficult when you feel like your stuck in a rut, try these writing prompts, and kick-start your writing:

1. Create a Lesson

Pretend your going to tutor somebody, choose a subject, and write a short, concise lesson as if it were going into print tomorrow. 

2. Write 200 Words About Yourself

Use 200 words to define who you are.

Simply write 200 words about your life and who you are.

Choosing the right words will force you to make difficult choice about how to use those words.  Try doing this from a few different perspectives. 

3. The 10 Steps... Challenge

...on how not to be mistaken for a car when you're out in the desert.

Writing non fiction doesn't need to be boring, or dull, you can be as imaginative as any fantasy writer.

Using a really crazy setting, like the one above, will help you to reach for new words and phrases, and really extend your writing skills.

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4. Your Deepest Desire as a Writer

Use your end goal, the desire you want more than anything.

The really good stories come from the yearning and desire you hold deep inside.

Use the aspiration you cling to make your writing better.

5. Your Imaginary Journey

Create an imaginary journey in your mind and write about it.

You could use something mundane as your trip to the supermarket, or walk to the local park.  The subject matter doesn't matter, it's how you write about it that really counts.

Write about your own physical adventure, making it as compelling as you can.

6. Write a Lesson for a 10 Year Old

Pretend your writing a lesson for a 10 year old.

This technique will help you explain something to someone with little to no knowledge.  This will help you see the areas you miss when you're trying to write a blog post.

Finding Writing Skills You Thought You Never Had

Writing prompts allow you to go the extra mile, their useful when you really need inspiration, or fall foul of writers block

But aren't meant to be overused.

Remember to get what you need out of the prompt, then move on.
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