Friday, February 01, 2019

How to Write Uniquely Crafted Blog Posts

You're fingers are burning from writing a blog post your readers will love.  You check it over, feeling really pleased with yourself, then hit the publish button!

After a few days you envision thousands of visitors clicking on your new blog post, and your traffic going sky high.
Then you check over your blog analytics, and it hits you like a ton of bricks, your blog post isn't being read by nearly as many people as you hoped.

Crafting Unique Blog Posts

Don't rush writing your blog post, check out these 10 points to writing a uniquely crafted blog post before you hit the publish button:

1. Pick a Topic

Define your topic, you'll find your blog post will flow freely when you know what you're talking about. 

2. Hook Your Readers in With a Great Blog Post Title

People are drawn to great titles, so get your thinking cap on, and those creative juices flowing with some great blog post titles.

3. Create a Great Opening Line

This ties into point 2, grab your readers attention at the very beginning, to keep them hooked the rest of the blog post.

4. Don't Write Random Blog Posts

Make all over your blog content relevant, if you go off track because you think its trending, this will quickly lead to disaster, and loss of blog traffic.  So always stay within the confines of your chosen category when writing a blog post.  Exceptional circumstances would be if you want to relate to to something personal in your life, and bring in a story or two. 

5. Give Your Readers a Call-to-Action

Create a simple free document and give your readers a call-to-action to click on and upload.  This makes your blog interactive , and gives your reader's something to do, cementing your blog in their mind, and making a deeper connection with them.

6. Make it Notable

Make your blog posts memorable, give your readers something to think about.  As was mentioned in point 4, there's no harm in bringing personality to your blog and making it more real with stories every now and again, so your readers to get to know you on a personal level.

7. Make Sure Your Posts are Polished

Even small errors can lose your reader's attention.  Take a bit longer to make sure your grammar and punctuation is up to scratch, and your blog post makes sense when you read it.

8. Publish Consistently

If you publish regularly stay within your time frame for posting.  People look out for blogs that have posts worth reading.

9. Get Lots of Blog Post Exposure 

Make sure your on at least two social networking sites to ensure your blog posts get full exposure.

10. Interact With Your Followers

Start a conversation with your readers, retweet plenty not just your own stuff.

Think Outside the Box

You could also try thinking outside the box with these 7 points:

1. Don't Live in Your News Feed

We all love to follow popular blogs and websites, but it doesn't mean you have to live it every day. Keep your thoughts and comments fresh by not living in your news feed.

2. Convey Authentic Thoughts Frequently

New blog posts are being written all of the time, making it difficult to convey originality.  It's easier to use another persons thoughts than your own.  Start taking notes and brain storming, you might be surprised how good those ideas really are.

3. Link to Like-Minded Bloggers More Often

If you're using other peoples website links for content curation don't keep going back to the same bloggers.  Dig out as many new blogs and websites as you can to make your linking as diverse as possible.

4. If a Topic is Trending, Give it a Week Before You Publish Your Own Thoughts

When a topic is trending it doesn't mean people are necessarily listening.  Let the dust settle before you start talking about it.

5. Be as Authentic as You Can Be

Don't look to others all of the time, choose a topic, or something that really interests you, and start talking about it.

6. Don't Be Boxed In

Don't be afraid to mess up if you're taking on a difficult subject.  At least the results will be real.

7. Don't Worry About What Other Bloggers Think

If your blog ranks high in search engines, and you're blog isn't included on the list of top bloggers.  Don't worry about it, your readers know who you are, and that's what really matters.

Make a change this week, start living outside of your comfort zone.  It's time to take charge and let your blogging voice be heard.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on creating original blog content in the comments below.

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