Wednesday, February 06, 2019

10 Ways Your Blog is Alienating Your Readers


Your blog is the main platform you use to write about what you love, and without it you'd be sunk.

Creating a blog is the easy part, gaining and maintaining followers is another.

Here are 10 ways your blog is alienating your readers:

1. Posting Sporadically

Discovering your blogging frequency is part and parcel of the blogging process. Once you find it you stick to it and post consistently. People like routine, if you start straying from that you'll soon notice your numbers dropping.

2. Posting Too Often

Having a posting schedule that demands a high level of quality demands time. Similar to the point mentioned above, publishing more than one blog post a week can have its downsides. Choose a frequency that suits you and the quality you want to aim for on your blog.

3. Leave Your Comments On

Interacting with your audience can be difficult, but I encourage all bloggers to leave their comments on, and reply to comments that are relevant to your blog.

4. Don't Be Too Abrasive

There's nothing wrong with a droll or sarcastic post every once in a while. But doing it too often may make your readers feel uncomfortable. Keep it light and you can't get go wrong.

5. Create Awesome Images for Your Blog

Quality images throughout your blog is key to grabbing your audiences attention. You can also use your blog images on Pinterest to gain more traffic to your blog.

6. Stick to Your Genre

Stay close to home when it comes to blog topics, for instance if your blog is about cars, don't talk about dogs. Stick to your chosen topic and you can't go wrong. Be creative, dig deep, and your sure to find plenty to talk about.

7. Visit Other Blogs

You'll get a fresh perspective on your blog topic, and learn how the bigger bloggers gain traffic, with their writing styles. Every blog you visit should be carefully studied, because you never know where your next burst of inspiration may come from.

8. Comment Thoughtfully

Only comment on other peoples blogs if you have something encouraging to say, or worth saying. Blogging is all about sharing and discovery, not advertising your own blog.

9. Don't Bore Your Readers

It's a popular misconception to think the most popular blogs are thousands of words long, when the reality is most people only have an attention span of a human is 8 seconds. It's clear that people don't have the attention span they used to have, so try writing blog posts of varying lengths, otherwise you may end up boring your readers.

10. Don't be Self-Indulgent

Great bloggers are those who share content from other bloggers, don't get me wrong share your own content but use the 80/20 rule.

Let me know your thoughts about alienating your readers in the comments below. 
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  1. Great tips, thank you. It would nice to be able to get some readers to my blog in the first place...Any tips or resources that you are aware of that could help me with this?

    1. Hi Steve, thanks for your comment. What's your blog address, so I can check it out?


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