Monday, October 08, 2018

How to Curate Content on Your Blog

Curating content from other websites, is a simple trick used by many bloggers as well as online publishers. This is done by adding a personal commentary to current topics, and news being talked about on thevnet.

You can do this by picking out content you think your audience will get the most value from, and then add your own thoughts, then publish it on your blog.

Note: Remember to stay within the rules of blogging by not plagiarising others, and always mention the source quoted, with a link to the content originally published.

This is both a compelling, and feasible way of bringing interesting content to your readers.

Here are 4 tips to curate content on your blog:

What You Need to Know About Publishing Editorialised Content You've Curated

Before you starting curating content you need to know the differences between:
  1. Content Syndication
  2. Content Aggregation
  3. Content Curation
  4. Content Aggregation
When you bring together links to other content, and provide nothing but the links in a single place, this is called content aggregation. Popular websites such as Alltop and PopURLs.

Content Syndication

Redistributed and aggregated content from websites such as ACI and NewsCred are good examples of this kind of content syndication.

Content Curation

Content curation is when you've reviewed an article, or blog post, and want to add your own commentary. You do this by linking your sources and naming them in the blog post.

Produce a Weekly Round-Up Blog Post

An interesting way of leveraging content is to produce a weekly round-up of blog posts. In your weekly round-up you can share links, and descriptions from a variety of sources, on topics relating to your blog. This will show your peers that you like what they're writing, and also share new information with your readers. This is another step in establishing relationships with fellow bloggers you respect.

Use Slide shows to Focus Readers on Curated Content from Various Sources

Both engaging and good for SEO, visitors have the opportunity to click through each page on the slide. Allowing readers to interact with your blog, each link has its own image and commentary. Can also be reused and put on Twitter and Pinterest.

Embedding Curated Content on Your Blog

Websites such as Rebelmouse allow you to embed content on your blog, with little fuss. With formatting already set in place, the process is quick and easy.

Put Curated Content into an Online Video

Create a YouTube video with your own insights and include a single or multiple piece of curated content. Make sure you include all of the correct links to your sources within the video.
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