Friday, August 03, 2018

10 Ideas to Kick-Start Your Creativity

Is it possible to be original online anymore?

Is it possible to be authentic at a time when there is an abundance of information?

The simple answer is yes of course you can be original!

People create new blog posts regularly because there are always new fresh and unique ideas to be had.  Think of it this way, we'll always have something new to bring to the table as humans.

If you feel like your writing is going a bit stale or you have nothing new to contribute, here are 10 ideas to kick-start your creativity:

1. What Makes You Happy?

You're a rare and unique individual, find out what makes you angry, happy or sad.  Use these emotions to drive your research and thoughts.  Follow your heart and your passion, create content that's extraordinary and something that reflects you as a person.
2. Stop Studying Your Rivals Blog

A habit that's easily picked up by most bloggers.  Pouring over your competitors blog can leave you feeling overwhelmed and disheartened, like you can't add anymore on the same subject.

You've done your research, you know what's out there so tune it out, centre in on what you know and write about it. 

3. Go With Your Gut Instinct

When you're reading an article do you ever feel like its not totally truthful? Go with that gut feeling, pursue it and find out if its true or not.  Put your view into a blog post and establish your point of view.

4. Do a Ton of Writing

The more you write the bigger your writing voice becomes.  You need to make sure you're writing regularly as much as you can.

Even when you're feeling low start researching something that catches your eye!

5. Tap into Other Media
If you're getting bored with reading blog posts go and read a book or download an eBook, watch a movie or listen to the radio.  Tap into other kinds of media for inspiration. 

6. Take a Trip

Visit a new culture, take in the sights and sounds.  When you travel you see the world in a different
light.  You'll discover a new angle and fresh approach to your writing.

7. Ignore the Pessimists

Do you think your new novel is to "out there"?  Or your writing style is "far-out"?

Believe in yourself, and know that what you're writing has value.  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

8. Just Spit it Out!

Stop overthinking and just write!

You need to stop pontificating and write as many of your thoughts down as possible.  Don't think just do it!

9. Write What You Know

Use your life experience and put it down on paper.  Unique elements and knowledge you've gained that no one else can duplicate.

10. Focus Inward

A powerful tool in finding your writing voice and developing it is to compete with yourself.  Make each article you write better than the last.

Writing Ideas When the Tank Runs Dry

 All Writers Have Been There

This can happen frequently for some, and rarely for others, either way it happens.

You find yourself all out of writing ideas.

Really it's not so much that you have a block, and no ideas, but more like the well runs dry and you need inspiration to help carry you along again.

Writing is My Passion

I love writing, and try to keep my fire burning by writing books or blog posts, or both.

In the digital age you're surrounded by writing prompts online, so you shouldn't really have an excuse not to write about something.

Ideas Can Come at the Strangest Time

Yes I mean weirdest time, say for instance while your standing in the shower, or maybe while your asleep in bed, you have that 'Eureka' moment. And there it is, an idea just pops into your head.

So always have a notebook and pen by your side, because you never know when those ideas are going to pop out.

Taking an Idea and Making it Your Own

There's nothing wrong in reading an article online, and thinking, I can make that article better if I write it my way.

Stories are Everywhere

If you're writing fiction, you can take your inspiration from anything and everything.

You can look into newspaper articles, magazines, and other publications.

But Most of All

Take a look around, stop for a moment, take in the world. Ask yourself, how can I use my own experiences, and turn that into a book?
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