Thursday, June 21, 2018

Feeling Overwhelmed? How to Blog More Productively


When you're blogging regularly its easy to feel overwhelmed and burned out. Feeling more like writing is a chore than a passion. Often times you can feel bogged down by life in general, and start feeling really guilty that you haven't been able to stick to your regular blog posting routine.

With the tips below I'm going to show you how to overcome and maintain a steady blog posting routine and show you some handy tools you can utilise to make your blogging life easier.

How to Combat Writer's Block

Question's to Ask Yourself

What's the worst thing that could happen if I stop writing? I wouldn't have any fresh blog posts on the internet.

How would I recover if I stopped writing? Makes notes when thoughts and ideas come to mind. Start generating ideas because writing something is always better than writing nothing.

What's the best thing that could happen if I wrote something?
My motivation would return and I'd start writing again.
Get Some Perspective

Step outside and have a breather every once in a while. Take a long walk, let go of all panic. It's not the end of the world. By taking a break your becomes clearer and you can start thinking again.

Stop Hyperventilating 

Take a deep breath, stand back from your situation, and start breaking down the task into bite size chunks. When you start making notes and see a sequence it will start to look more achievable.

We Are Our Own Worst Enemy

Fear sets in and our brains start conjuring up scenarios that scare us. Don't be paranoid, get your facts straight. You can survive by doing a little each day. Don't push yourself too hard because you risk burn out.

Be Productive, Do Five Things Right Now

Manage your time, do five things that will spark your motivation and inspiration. Even if its photo editing, tweeting or writing notes for a blog post. Every journey start with a simple step.

Blogging Tools

Write or Die

A great writing tool to boost productivity and motivation. You can set the timer, and as long as you continue to type you can have perfect silence, if not a buzzer will sound and your writing will disappear. You can choose your own consequences with the dashboard.

Omm Writer

If you get easily distracted by your mobile phone or iPad Omm Writer will remove them for you. It also has a handy colour changer for the background and can create relazxing sounds in the background.


An image editor that is free for basic use, including handy tools such as photo editing, photo effects, loads of free stickers, fonts and lots of other design tools. With a premium account you get the full choice of templates and professional editing features.

Planning Tools

Automated Social Media Tools

Websites such as Hootsuite, Buffer and Tweetdeck offer scheduling to post your content from. It takes a bit more planning during the week to use any of these but in the long run you save hours of frustration leaving you more time to write.

Make a To-Do-List

You can create this using programs such as Clear which is suitable for Mac users and Trello for PC users.

Become a Crafty Blogger

With all of the above tools and tips you can keep up-to-date with your blog regularly and have time left over for the important things in life like family.

Look to other like minded writer's and bloggers and discover their secrets.

A little bit of writing is better than no writing at all.

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