Friday, January 26, 2018

The Complete Guide to Google Docs for Writers

If you're looking for a free alternative to Microsoft Word I recommend Google Docs, it may surprise you what Google Docs has to offer.

I've put together a list of important points for you to consider in this article.

Advantages of Google Docs for Writers

1. A Free Mobile and Cross-Platform

Google Docs works well on all browsers, and  if you're collaborating with other readers, and writers on a project, they won't need to download any special software.  Which gets rid of all compatibility and versioning issues.

2.  Your Followers Can Watch You Write

Your followers can participate or watch you write live.  Observing the words as you type on the screen, is a really fun way of giving your readers a glimpse into your writing world.

3.  It Saves While You Type

Every keystroke you make is automatically recorded by Google Docs.  Which means you can write, and not worry about saving your work as you go along.

4.  It Can Be Distraction-Free

If you want to write without distractions set Google Docs zoom to 'Fit', then select View > Full screen.  You'll notice your browser frame is still visible, you can use Chrome's presentation mode (View > Enter presentation mode) to get rid of it.  Then add Chrome Extension Noisli to block background noise, and you're good to go!

5.  Saves and Syncs Your Documents Automatically

All of your documents will be synced, if you already have a Google account.

6.   You Can Easily Work Offline 

When you lose your internet connection, or want to switch it off for a while, switch on Google Docs offline mode.  It will sync your work as soon as you get your connection back.

7.  You Can Download Documents in Several Formats

When you've finished working on your document you can export your Google Document in Word, OpenDocument, PDF format, Plain text as well as HTML formats.

8. You Can Produce a Live Version to the Internet

Using the option File > Publish and updates Google Docs will publish straight to the web.

9.  Google Documents Allows You to Work Together With Other Readers and Writers

By using a share link File > Share gives your readers the chance to edit a piece of your writing, along with suggestion and viewing privileges.  Your followers can also leave any comments they might have.  You have the power to make changes, so only markups can be made.  Any aspect of the document can be changed by an editor.

10.  You Can Converse With Your Followers as You Type

While you're viewing a document you can enable others to view it at the same time by clicking on your user icon at the top of the page.  A dialogue box will show up in the bottom right hand corner.

11.  Documents Can be Created by Voice Dictation

Using Googles voice recognition to dictate your documents by clicking on Tools > Voice Typing.

12.  You Can Use Substitute Words and Punctuation Automatically

Go to Tools > Preferences.
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