Instructions for Adding Affiliate Links to Your Website

A well known method for a lot of bloggers these days and one of my favourite for making money is monetising through the use of affiliate links.

If this all seem quite new and you've never heard of affiliate marketing to generate an income with your blog, allow me to give you a brief outline into what affiliate marketing is.

The business model for affiliate marketing is where you sell products not made by you and receiving a commission for your efforts.

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Using Affiliate Links on Your Website

Before you start making money with affiliate marketing you're going to need to know how to use each affiliate link.  You'll do this through a unique ID which is given to you on signing up to an affiliate program.  Once you get this ID you can then be credited as the referrer and get your share of the commission.

Later on in this blog post we'll cover the dos and don'ts of using your affiliate links and how to add them to your content.

You need to be aware of the pit falls of using affiliate links and how this can be detrimental to you making money.

You don't need to worry about that yet though, because I'm going to run over some important points about how to use affiliate links on your blog below:

Sign Up With an Affiliate Program

I think the best place to start is to create your own website, from their you can decide which affiliate programs are best for your particular niche.

I've listed the affiliate programs I use below:
Write Great Content

A must for any blogger is to have content that captivates the reader, this is where you'll be placing your affiliate links.

It's good to have a few blog posts under your belt before you start adding your affiliate links.  It also gives you time to research on the best programs to suit your blogs needs.

Adding Your Affiliate Link

Once you've signed up to your affiliate program you'll be given an ID which is exclusive to you.

As an example below I've shown you where you can find your unique link in Amazon Associates:

Every affiliate program is different but the principle is still the same, you take you link and add it into your blog.

Creating Revenue With Your Affiliate Links

I use my affiliate links and my blog and Twitter, this means you have more places to make extra money.

You can be sure that once you start adding your affiliate links, money will start coming in.  If you have a regular audience of a 1,000 people per week, some of those people will convert to a sale.

Increase the effectiveness of your links with these recommendations:

1Add Your Link Within a sentence using a keyword.

2Use at least one link per blog post, but don't go overboard because that will do your website more harm than good.

3Write a product review.

4Cloak your link and make it pretty.

5Link to up to an image in your blog post.

6Don't use too many affiliate links within your blog post.

7Don't put affiliate links in the side bar of your website.

Why You Need an Affiliate Disclosure on Your Website

In December of 2009 the FTC made it mandatory for all affiliates to make a disclosure within their websites.

You'll notice I disclose on every blog post I use affiliate links as well as in my privacy policy.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Affiliate Links

Even though affiliate marketing is mutually beneficial for both sides it still has its downsides.

  1. Merchants have a wider market to sell their products and services.
  2. Merchants can gain more customers with less effort and time.
  3. Valuable statistics and behaviour can be found through analytics at no extra cost.
  4. Owners and publishers can make extra income through affiliate marketing.
  5. No investment required in affiliate marketing.
  6. Affiliate doesn't need to worry about customer support and book keeping because the merchant handles it all.
  7. The affiliate marketer is his own boss and can work on his own time.
  8. With an Internet connection with the affiliate marketer still maintain a good financial position anywhere in the world.
  9. The customer doesn't need to drive anywhere to access the product or service.
  1. Some merchants may give smaller commissions.
  2. Affiliates may engage in misleading and false advertising in order to get ahead.
  3. Dishonest merchants may close down a program without informing affiliates.
  4. Merchants may lure affiliates in with high commissions then drop the commission down after a couple of weeks.
  5. Links can be hijacked by outside parties, leaving the affiliate without the commissions.
Despite all of the disadvantages affiliate marketing still remains one of the newest opportunities to make an income on your own time.

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20 Writing Do's and Don'ts

I've been writing for over six years and have a thirst for any new tips and ways to improve my writing.

Check out the 20 tips that will help you become a better writer:

1.  Put thought into your punctuation, notably the use of commas and periods.  Your thoughts flow through the use of these two punctuation marks, put in the wrong place they can make your text confusing even when the words are clear.

2.  Always create and edit separately, because they are two different processes using different parts of the brain.  Doing both at once will confuse you.  Leave the job of editing last.

3.  Write regularly, daily if possible and for around 30 minutes.  You'll discover ideas flow more readily and words and language will become more familiar.

4.  Learn all of the good rules of writing.  Then learn how to break them.

5.  Get into the habit of reading a book and become a good reader.

6.  Don't rely on your spell-checker, at the end of the day you're the best spell-checker.

7.  Learn to accept criticism, pursue it at every given opportunity.  If someone gives you a harsh criticism don't be offended and get all upset, thank the reader for taking the time to offer it.

8.  Use a thesaurus and make the best of your vocabulary.

9.  Don't use unnecessary words in a sentence, use unnecessary sentences in a paragraph.  You wouldn't see unnecessary lines in a drawing would you?

10.  Routinely write 500 words and give yourself a deadline, then repeat it again and again.

11.  Write simply in language that your audience understands with the most relevant words.

12.  Get inspiration from "the Greats", learn from the best authors and writer's in history and model yourself on their writing style.

13.  If you end up writing a lengthy article don't worry about it, as long as it gets your point across. If you can do it using the least amount of words, even better.

14.  Write frequently, always completing your work using a sensible writing schedule.

15.  Model your sentences and paragraphs off another writer's, then imitate the correct structure with your own content.

16.  Stay away from long sentences.

17.  Write spontaneously!

18.  If you're writing fiction having a plot will help coordinate your thoughts and add consistency to the text.

19.  Refine your style by editing your older articles and blog posts.

20.  "Just Write".

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Common Pronoun Errors

Sentences can become confusing, vague and difficult to understand if unclear pronoun references are made.

Both Caroline and Lisa loved her children.

Decide on the pronoun and the antecedent.

➤A pronoun refers to a noun.

➤An antecedent is the noun to which the pronoun refers.

In the example, the pronoun is her.

The antecedent is either Caroline or Lisa.

➧Are they Caroline's children?
➧Are they Lisa's children?

We cannot tell whose children they are from this sentence.  Because we cannot tell which of the nouns is the antecedent, this sentence is an unclear pronoun reference outlaw.

Both Caroline and Lisa loved Caroline's children.

Clues: Find the pronoun and replace it with the antecedent.  The sentence will make sense if the pronoun reference is clear.

1. Specific nouns (antecedent) should clearly refer to a pronoun.  We should know to what each pronoun refers.

a) Cancel out doubt.

Jane told Kathryn that no one would take her away.

➤The pronoun: her

➤The antecedent: either Kathryn or Jane

➤unclear pronoun reference

"No one will take me away," Kathryn told Jane.

b) When referring to unspecified persons do not use "they".

"They" must refer to specific people.

They seriously consider publishing short horror stories when some of the stories have already been published in magazines.

➤The pronoun: they

➤The antecedent (who are "they"?): unknown

➤unclear pronoun reference

Publishers seriously consider publishing short horror stories when some of the stories have already been published in magazines.

c) When referring to a specific word or phrase only use "it" and "that".

When Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Peters hide the dead cat, it means they hide the evidence.

➤The pronoun : it

➤The antecedent: "it" does not refer to a specific word in the sentence.

➤unclear pronoun reference

By hiding the dead cat, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Peters conceal the evidence.

2. Pronoun number

Pronouns must agree in number with their antecedents.

These rules match those of subject-verb agreement.

Let's review the three agreement rules.

a) Plural antecedents need plural pronouns, singular antecedents need singular pronouns

Each person should follow their dreams

➤Their: plural pronoun

➤person: singular noun


Each person should follow his or her dream.

All people should follow their dreams.

b) The pronoun become plural with the conjunction "and".

Both Adam Jones and Sarah Laurence are American; she writes about fictional American towns.

➤She: singular pronoun

➤Adam Jones and Sarah Laurence: plural noun

Both Adam Jones and Sarah Laurence are American; they write about fictional American towns.

c) With the conjunction "or" or "nor," the pronoun should agree with the closest antecedent.

Either William or Patricia play with their children.

➤Their: plural pronoun

➤William: nearest antecedent and singular noun

Either William or Patricia plays with his children.


Things You Need to Know About Affiliate Marketing


The ever widening innovations of the internet and technology with cookie trackers capable of predicting which products you're likely to purchase and interactive webpages.  It's know wonder that people have been taking advantage of this important technology.  With advertisements magically appearing when you're searching for something online, it's clearly taken the world by storm.

In the early days of the internet many people would have dodged most pop-up advertisements, but these days you have enticing ads and articles enticing you in to a good deal.  Somewhere in the world somebody has clicked on an advertisement and benefited from the product being sold while the webmaster gets a small commission for his handy work.

With this kind of double benefit both parties gain, and there are no losers.  Not a penny of cash is taken from the webmaster until he/she makes the sale.  It's a win- win situation for all involved.

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So where did affiliate marketing start?

Brief History of Affiliate Marketing

Paying commissions and revenue sharing are not new concepts, but the transition of revenue share principles to mainstream e-commerce began in November 1994, four years after the application of the world wide web.

Conceived and implemented by William Tobin with his company PC Flowers and Gifts it generated sales that exceeded $6 million per year, based on a business model that payed a commission on sales to the Prodigy network.

Another surprising pioneer in the field of affiliate marketing was cyber erotica, which had its own cost per click program.

By July of 1996 Amazon, via Amazon.com opened its own associate program which allowed affiliates to place ads and text links on their websites linking directly to the Amazon website.  If customers bought a book from Amazon, a commission was given to the associate.  The Amazon Associate program has been so popular its become a business model for many other affiliate programs.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

To put it simply affiliate marketers drive traffic to ecommerce sites, in return for a commission.  This entails the customer buying a product from a link or advert.

The Process

There are four parties involved:


Usually a retailer or advertiser, looking to increase sales.  The merchant gives a publisher a trackable link to his site. The publisher includes the link in his content.  The reader/customer follows that link to the retailer's site and buys the product, the retailer pays the publisher a commission on that sale.


Big retailers such as Amazon start their own affiliate programs, but go through an affiliate network.

These networks are essentially the middle man between multiple merchants and publishers.  This gives the publisher access to various merchants under the same network.


These are the blog and website owners that include affiliate links on their websites and promote the products of their chosen affiliate networks in the hope that people will click on the links and buy something.


The client or prospect who clicks on the publishers' site and purchases something through a link or advertisement.

Outcome:  A Revenue Stream Requiring Low Investment

Don't look at affiliate marketing as the be-all and end-all of making money on your website.

Choose various revenue streams for your website, such as services and your own products.  Stick to products within your niche and you can't go wrong.

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