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Why Continuous Advertising is the Best Way to Sell Your Books

A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.

Henry Ford. 

The Problem With Advertising

If you're new to advertising, or you've just started planning out your campaigns you may already be experiencing the hot and cold stages of advertising.

To put it simply it takes time for your campaign to take hold every month, and that's because most people leave a gap in between each campaign.

How Advertising Used to Work

Companies would have a team of marketers analysing the market and working out the best strategy, setting up various campaigns throughout the year. Unfortunately that style of marketing means you have to keep starting again each time.

Which often leads to sales figures going up and down across the year, and a lot of uncertainty about when sales will actually come in.

The Digital Marketplace

Since the inception of the internet there have been lot's of changes to the publishing world.  Not least of which is the way in which authors market their books. 

Flighting in Advertising

Flighting in advertising means that you're constantly starting up a fresh campaign, and have to start all over again each time.   

The Answer, Continuous Advertising

The solution to flight advertising is setting up month long campaigns that target your audience.  Instead of leaving gaps in your advertising schedule and allowing the market to go cold, run a continuous campaign everyday each month.

Every marketer knows that they're audience will grow tired of the campaign, and that's when you look for new audiences, and keep your campaign fresh with new banner ads.

If Money is a Problem

Start small and build up gradually, so that you can afford your advertising.  There's no doubt about it, the longer you run your ads, the more time your customers will have to make up their mind, and some will eventually be bought.


Stick to your budget and build up your advertising campaigns every month, adding extra days when you can afford to.  

If you advertise they will come.

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