Monday, June 13, 2022

How to Run Your Affiliate Business as a Writer


Any business is hard work, and having a structure already in place will help to push that business forward.  If you're a one-man-band then you run the show and need to know your affiliate business is being run properly and organised in a way that all the moving parts are working properly.

These days writer's don't just write, they wear many different hats, and are often entrepreneurs trying to grow a business from nothing.

When success starts happening it can take a bit of time to adjust and you can lose sight of the important things that got you there in the first place. 

We're going to focus on some important points that will help you steer a steady course in your affiliate business as a writer, helping you grow and maintain what you  have.

1. Be Aware of Your Main Business Focus

There are many facets to your writing business, and writing is just one of them.  You need to understand what parts need to be done when, and do these things consistently to keep your business ticking over.

This could include everything from keeping your financial records up-to-date to writing regular weekly blog updates for your readers.  

When you start to become successful some things may slip and become an afterthought, this can lead to things becoming stale, and instability setting in.

Having a plan and working to it consistently will keep you on track no matter what turns up. 

2. People are the Main Focus of Your Business

It doesn't matter what kind of business you're running online, people will always be at the top of the list.

Here are some points to consider:

  • Create goals, and make sure your motivation stays the same throughout, even when times get tough.
  • Put time aside for your writing, and any other writing goals you might have to bring money into your business.
  • Make sure all of your affiliate links are up-to-date.
  • Nurture and build relationships with your readers to bring in more revenue to your website.

All of these points will help build your affiliate revenue, and help you stay engaged.  

3. Stop Being a Busy Fool

When it comes to business there's a difference between being busy and being productive.  If you're constantly productive you should be producing more books, and bringing in more clients for your writing business, and creating blog posts that draw in revenue to your affiliate business.  

Your work life balance should be your priority as well.  When you're working hard burnout can happen out of the blue and leave you with writer's block or worse.  Give yourself plenty of time to focus on the important parts of your life as well as your business. 

Most importantly understanding where your priorities really lie, and knowing what needs to be done to bring in new readers and customers.  Success will come when you get your work life balance right.

4. Is Your Writing Business Profitable

Promotion of your website content, books and affiliate links is really important.  You need to create a following of people that will eventually trust your website enough to start buying.  This is vital if you're going to make any affiliate sales, or sell any books.  

All of these things need to be carefully managed and promotion needs to be started straight away to get the ball rolling.  You draw people in by writing great content and include blog posts and pages on your website that are setup to include affiliate links.

Not everything will work the first time, so you need to have the ability to change things quickly on short notice if it's needed.  This doesn't mean things should be removed altogether, but rather kept there for SEO purposes or things you may end up doing in the future.

5. Is It Good Enough for Google

Google is the king of all search engines, and effort should be put in to stay up-to-date with Google's rules.  
Here are some things to think about:

1. Customer experience should be a high priority and therefore your website and all articles should be created to keep your reader interested.

2. Aim high, look at where you want to be and keep at it until you get there no matter what.  Pretty soon you'll see the growth you need in your affiliate business.

3. There's nothing wrong with not being 100%  perfect all of the time.  We all make mistakes, people aren't perfect at the best of times, even those running successful writing businesses.

4. Don't be afraid of failure, it's going to happen.  It may happen a lot to begin with.  Just pick yourself up and dust yourself off and stick with your plan, and create consistent content.  Write as many books as you can and build your writing business, and soon you'll see the fruits of your labour come through when you start making money from your affiliate links.

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