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Simple Tips to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing


Once your blog is set up, the hard work really begins when you start creating content and building your audience.  Things will seem tough to begin with, until you find your feet.

These simple tips should help you to get more out of your website and build your audience.

You Need to Know What You're Selling  

The subject you've built your website around should be something you're already passionate about, and have a wealth of information you can draw from.  You can always research the points you're not sure about.

Comparison posts are a good place to start, and one of many different kinds of blog posts that you can use again and again.

Here are some other blog post ideas to get you started:

  1. Reviews
  2. How to articles
  3. Video tutorials
  4. Longform guides
  5. Gift guides
  6. Seasonal content
  7. List roundups

Often it pays to actually buy the product you're trying to promote, and really get to know it before you start doing any kind of blog post writing.  Writing about something you've used yourself immediately gives your content authenticity and becomes more appealing to your audience.  

For instance if you recently bought a laptop you could write about why this particular laptop is better than your last one or others just like it on the market today.  You could make a list of all of the ways it makes your writing life easier and the programs you use alongside it.

People love images, so including one or two images of your new purchase wouldn't go amiss either.  All of this first-hand knowledge is of great benefit to your audience and will make people want to click on your affiliate links. 

All of these things show your audience just how passionate you are promoting, while showing your authenticity.  Be aware that people know when someone is just making information up and not portraying a real picture.  They'll try and catch you out anyway they can if they discover you've been misleading them.  So stay true to your word, and you'll be okay.

Look at Your Competition

It helps if you know what your competition is promoting and how they're promoting it.  

Look at:

  • How the website is organised.
  • How quickly the site loads.
  • How useful the information is.
  • If the site features more than one kind of media and what it is.
  • What kind of posts the website provides.
  • What the site mostly focuses on.

Take notes and think of how you can use this information to your advantage.  These days people are really thorough when it comes to information, and they really know what they're talking about. 

Think of new ways you can engage people with your information and make your content stand-out from the crowd.  You can do the same on social media.  Think of things that others may have missed.  But keep it interesting, and don't bog people down with too much information.

Become a Reliable Source of Information

An important part of blogging is creating content that is posted regularly, and contains information that is up-to-date and inline with current trends.  People get put off by information that's been sitting around for a while, or repeats the same message without sounding interesting.  When times are hard and you're not making the money you'd like, remember to keep your website regularly updated.

Start out with a regular blog posting schedule, this tells your readers what to expect, and that you mean business.  

Rome Wasn't Built in  a Day

It's very rare to get overnight success, it takes time to build something up.  People won't buy until they trust your website and what it has to offer.  This will happen through consistent publishing of blog posts and information through your blog and social media.  It may be a few months before you see any sales, but you need to keep at it, and continue with your routine everyday.  If you're doing it right you'll start seeing green shoots, and people buying one or two products.  You can build on this and use this as motivation.

Have a plan worked out, and a daily routine.  You can look over your plan if you feel things aren't going the way you want them to.  Remember consistency is the key to success. 

Things to think about before you publish a blog post:

  • Does your blog post contain relevant information that connects to your affiliate links?
  • Are you providing accurate information to your audience?
  • Is your information up-to-date?
  • Is your content persuasive enough to make someone want to click and buy?
  • Is your writing more like an advert or a story?
  • Is your content evergreen?
  • Does your content give off a positive or negative vibe to the audience?
  • Is your content readable?

From your "about page" to your "resources page" everything on your website should be authentic and valuable.  It should have a bit of your personality injected into it, and not be totally bland.

Make Your Blogging an Enjoyable Experience

When things start feeling like a chore you know something is wrong.  Making money is just one part of it, you need to give your audience something useful or try to answer a problem they may have.  In return you'll get their trust and they'll start buying. 

Negativity shows through, so stay positive and light.  That's why the tone you choose to write with is important.  You want to be approachable, easy to talk to.  The more focussed you are, the easier it will become.  Even if you're having a bad day it should never show through in your writing.  If you're interested, your audience will be interested.

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