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Why There's No "One Size Fits All" to Blogging Success



As the title suggests there is no no "one size fits all" when it comes to building a successful blog.  There are numerous factors that include time, energy, effort put in along with the amount of dedication required to create a blog that's going to make enough money to be classed as an income.

When you start looking at the really successful blogs out there you quickly realise that most of these successful bloggers have been doing it for a long long time.  Overnight success, if it's even possible, is rare if it's even real at all.  The internet is full of blogs that have been going for a decade or more ago.  The real truth is that many bloggers start a blog, and give up after a year or so because they don't understand how long it really takes for a blog to mature and build an audience.

There are no real guarantees when it comes to blogging, and that means the amount of effort, the kind of writing you do, are not a real indicator as to how your blog is really going to fair online.  

I started this blog back in 2015, and I've gone through so many changes with the way it looks, the pages included and the content I've created.  It's still a work in progress.  

But nothing is impossible, if you have the passion, there are always things you can make your blog successful.

So let's get started.

Write Engaging Content

Engaging and unique content means it's beneficial to your audience, and is of interest.  Over time you'll learn why your readers keep coming back to your website.

This is why you need to generate one-of-a-kind articles as much as you can and as often as you can.  People look for depth, feeling and personality when they click on a blog.

A Blogs Need to Mature

If you think blogging is some kind of "get rich quick scheme," then you're barking up the wrong tree.

You're going to be sorely disappointed if you think even after a year your blog is going to magically gain thousands of followers.

It takes time, a long time for a blog to grow and mature.  So don't be disappointed if you're not seeing any immediate results.  People need time to trust you and get to know you.

Most blogs take about 5-7 years before they fully mature, if everything has been done properly.

Masterful Writing

Naturally your writing should be first-rate and en par with the rest of your contemporaries, and make readers want to read your whole blog post and not just run their eyes over it.  If this is happening it's a really good measure that you're really putting the right kind of work into your posts.

The more you write, the quicker you'll find your voice and the easier it will be for you to draw people in.  It takes time and commitment, not to mention drive to achieve this.  

Writing is a craft that takes years to hone, and producing high-quality information on your first day takes practice, and lots of mistakes. 

Be One Step Ahead of Your Readers

Guessing what your readers enjoy takes time and research, as well a little digging into your analytics to understand which posts are being read the most.

If you have a good understanding of your readership that's half the battle.  You should be able to pick up which blog posts are being read the most.

Publish Regularly and Be Consistent

As soon as you start a blog you need to be consistent from the very beginning about when and how many posts you're going to publish each week.  It's up to you to decide how many good quality articles you can produce each week.  Whatever your decision is, you need to stick with it.

This shouldn't be too difficult if you already have a passion for your chosen subject.  You can decide on what length posts you want to write and start to build your reader's trust.  The more people trust you the more they'll want to buy from your website.


Consistency, is really important part of blogging, and it means staying within your chosen niche and not wandering away from it.  People will expect certain things from you once you start publishing.  Don't confuse your audience by going totally off-track about something unconnected to your blog.  They won't like it, and you'll probably lose a lot of regular readers because of it.

Persevere When Times are Hard and Good Things Will Come

Perseverance takes long-term determination, and not many people stay the course in the blogging world.  You'll find every blogger has a story about what they did to make their own blog a success.  Some say you need at least a thousand blog posts before you start seeing any returns, others say you can do it if you just create really great content. 

Either way itl takes time before you'll start to see any real growth, and without a plan you're already dead in the water.

To sew up any loose ends a blog needs time, effort, patience, consistency, regularity, determination and masterful writing before it can mature and be successful.

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