Monday, November 26, 2018

10 Exciting Gifts for Writers

Finding the perfect gift at holiday time is part of the fun.

So why not jump over all those conventional gifts like notebook and pens, and instead head for one of these 10 exciting gifts that you know they'll love.  Something for every budget and perfect for that special someone this holiday time.

1. Amusing Gifts

Lighten your favourite writers day with these items:
"I'm a writer.  You might killed in a story"

2. Noise Canceling Headphones

Writing in coffee houses and public places isn't always favourable to writers.  Help them drown out surrounding noise with a pair of noise cancelling headphones.

You can purchase a reasonable set for anywhere from $30 to $300, depending upon your holiday budget.

3. Literary Colouring Books

Colouring books for adults have become a great way to relax and wind down, and activate a different part of your brain than when you write.

Here are some adult colouring books with a literary spin:
She Said It Best: Jane Austen: Wit & Wisdom to Colour & Display 

 5. Literary Socks

Socks are no longer the boring gift your great aunt used to give you.  These days you can fill a whole set of drawers with the trendy socks on offer.  The writer in your life will definitely like:
Edgar Allan Poe Socks 
William Shakespeare   
6. Supply and Storage

Keep your favourite writers tidy with their pens, notebooks, and other important stuff with a storage solution like this Groot Desk Organiser or this hidden storage book-like bookends.

7. Cooler Equipment

Writers spend hours and hours typing and managing their blogs, and creating new books, so why not give your favourite writer a piece of swanky new kit.
iClever Wireless Keyboard and Mouse in Rose Gold 
Ultra Slim Keyboard and Mouse

8. Literary Teas

Let your favourite writer immerse in their favourite book as they sip a smoky blend of tea that recalls tales from their favourite writer.

9. Author Jewellery

A lovely  handmade charm bracelet with Love/Slider Letters/Book Charm across it, in real leather.

10. Vintage Canvas Leather Messenger Travelling  Brief Case

For any write on the go this classic yet snazzy messenger bag will travel any where.

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