27 Tools to Test Your Website Performance

A big part of the blogging process is managing your blog and making sure everything is working the way it should, making sure your readers get the best experience possible.

All search engines, particularly Google are aware and want to promote websites that are easy to navigate and more importantly have an edge over the competition.

In order to maintain your place high in search engine rankings continuous testing is a must!

Without regular check ups you can quite easily lose traffic to your blog.

Your readers will notice straightaway if something is wrong with your website, this will impact their confidence in you, when this starts happening your blog readership goes down and so do your sales.

Before we get into blog testing tools here are 6 really good reasons why you should test your blog regularly:

  • To boost confidence in your company or brand.
  • To stay ahead of your competitors.
  • To increase search engine rankings with a superior performing website.
  • To build and maintain your blog readership.
  • Maintain and grow sales and blog enquiries, as wells as ongoing interactions with your visitors.
  • To have peace of mind. 
But don't despair, in this blog post I'm going to show you 27 free blogging tools you can use to keep your blog in great shape.

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