Thursday, May 24, 2018

Why Blogging Makes You a Better Writer

The basic key to writing and a point that often gets overlooked and buried under many other aspects is to "just write".  No matter what your tool of choice is whether it be a typewriter, PC, laptop or good old fashioned pen and paper the more you write the better you'll become.

Your musings no longer need to be stored away in notepads or journals.  You can put them directly onto the internet and be published in no time at all.

You can start your blogging journey, and start exercising your writing muscles.

What Do I Write About?

You need to find out what it is your passionate about, then start sharing your thoughts in a unique inventive way with your audience.

Be Yourself

Your blog is your own personal platform, or sounding board,  think about what sparks your interest, and start focusing in on that. Discover the writer in you through your blogging.

Know That Your Thoughts May Change in the Future

Things change over time, that's just a general fact of life.  Nothing ever stays the same, what you publish now may be of less value in the future.  Evidence may surface about an idea or topic - changing how everyone thinks.

To put it simply, the information you've gleaned and put into a blog post may not always be right.  But don't let that little fact put you off writing. 

Good Or Bad It's Out There For All To See

If you're a zealous note maker you'll notice that only you can understand the shorthand you've written.  When you're writing a blog post you need to make sure the post isn't for you but for your audience.

In the process of writing you open yourself up to comments and criticism.  You can share your blog posts on social platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter to your hearts content.  It's in your hands whether or not you engage with your audience.

Even negative feedback can help you engage more with your audience, allowing you to enter into conversation with your followers, and share new ideas.

Convey More In Less Space

Sometimes it can be more difficult to say what you want to say in less than 300 or 400 words.  Try writing your thoughts out, then start editing and making it shorter.

It's good to stretch your writing chops every once in a while.

Content Writing is More Than Just Blog Post Writing

Blogging isn't just about writing up a blog post, it can also include many other types of writing, one of the most popular is Copywriting.

Copywriting is used to market, or sell a product, a writing skill used by most bloggers regularly.  Usually used in selling items or products on blogs, this often small piece of copy can introduce thousands of people to their products.

Utilising all of these forms of writing can not only open up new opportunities, but also make you a better wordsmith overall.

Your Writing Will Improve

Practice makes perfect, the ability to hone your craft over time, will bring out the best writer in you.

If you haven't already, start a regular writing schedule this will enable you to plan your blog posts, and help you get into a regular writing routine.  It also means you can update old blog posts along the way.

Let me know in the comments below if blogging has made you a better writer.
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