Monday, January 18, 2021

How to Find Like-Minded Writers


Being a writer doesn't mean you have to be stuck in your house by yourself, there are plenty of other like-minded writers out there looking for new writing friends, just like you.

So where can you find your kind of writing people?

Connect With a Writing Community Online

There are plenty of social media platforms to choose from if you want to find writers just like you.  People who share the same kind of weird things we writers enjoy.  So you're not alone.  I joined Twitter in 2015, along with LinkedIn and Pinterest, and have found other writers' insights really useful on my writing journey.

Find Like-Minded Writers in Your Local Area

There are plenty of writing groups to join in towns and cities all over the world.  Start by looking into what your local library has to offer and go from there (after all of the lockdowns have finished).

Visit Writing Conventions and Festivals

Social media is a great place to find conferences and conventions near you, and help you start cultivating new friendships.

Take your time choosing which event is right for you, do your homework.  Then start mingling and chatting to writers just like you.

Find a Writing Friend and Meet Them for a Coffee

I know we're living in difficult times where you can't just go for a coffee and a quick chat, but I live in hope that we can get back to that kind of normality and start new friendships, and maybe revisit old ones too.

Get Out of the House, and Find Somewhere Else to Write

I understand it's difficult at the moment to find other places to write, but maybe start thinking about where you would most like to write and go from there when the lockdowns are over.

Writing in a new location won't feel as isolating as writing by yourself at home.  

Exercise is a great way of getting out of the house and clearing your head.  It's really good to smell the sea air and watch the world go by.

Publish Your Work and Entice Like-Minded Writers

Start publishing your work, and start building your audience.  Finding a platform is key to being a writer, it doesn't matter if that platform is a blog, book, or social media, it all matters.

Give the public a little piece of you and your life, then you'll start attracting people who are on the same wavelength as you.

Here are Some Writers Associations and National Organisations for Writers:

Many of the associations below are affiliated with national groups, others stand alone within their communities.

Organisations for Writers of Fiction

American Christian Fiction Writers

Novelists, Inc.

Mystery Writers of America

Romance Writers of America

Western Writers of America

Welcome To The NEA: Or, How to Get Money For Writing Stuff

Women's Fiction Writing Association

Organisations for Nonfiction Writers

Asian American Journalists Association

National Association of Memoir Writers

Native American Journalists Association

Associations for Writers with General and Specific Interests

Association of Writers and Writing Programs

Authors Guild

The Catholic Writers Guild

Dog Writers Association of America

The National Writers Union

International Women's Writing Guild

Military Writers Society of America

National Association of Independent Writers and Editors 

PEN America Centre

Small Publishers, Artists, and Writers Network

Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators

Women's National Book Association

Writers Guild of America

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