Monday, February 27, 2017

How to Stay Passionate About Your Blog

Passion: Adjective: Compelled by, or ruled by intense emotion or strong feeling, fervid.
You can have your blog all planned out, but without motivation and drive its already dead in the water.  When you go into blogging you think that things are going to be handed to you on a plate straight away.


You'll gain followers and readership really quickly and the money will start rolling in. Unfortunately life isn't like that, it takes a lot of patience and time to build up your audience and find your blogging voice.

So I'm going to show you some points to help inject enthusiasm and help you continue your writing journey and become a successful blogger:

➤ Just Write - This advice I've mentioned in previous blog posts, you won't get anywhere not writing anything at all.  Sometimes I find myself sitting down not having any clue what to write.  So I start writing a paragraph and pretty soon it turns into a whole article.  So keep writing eventually you'll hit the jackpot!

➤ Incentives - Take a step back, and go for a walk, watch a movie, listen to some music.  What you do in life has a direct link with how your writing turns out.

➤ Bite Sized Posts - There's nothing wrong in keeping your blog posts short and to the point.  I know a lot of bloggers would tell you to write a 1,000 words or more, and you'll gain loads of traffic. Remember a persons attention span is pretty short these days.  Keeping it short and to the point can be a really effective communication tool and give you your edge.

➤ Read Other People's Blogs - It's so easy to get caught up in your own bubble and not realise the wealth of inspiration that's out there already.  So sit down get back to basics and see what everyone else is doing.

➤ Start a Blogging Plan - I'm pretty hopeless when it comes to schedules.  But always looking for ways to improve things and make them more efficient.  A blogging/writing plan is what I'm currently working on myself.  Alongside two blog posts a week, a weekly newsletter and creating and updating eBooks.  I also have another iron in the fire which is currently under development, which will be revealed at a later date.  It can be pretty hectic!

➤ Makes Notes - Carry a notebook and takes notes of anything that pops into your head.  Even if its a blog title.  I'm forever making notes about everything and have a collection of notepads.  Carry a notebook and pen in your pocket wherever you go.

➤ Revamp Your Blog- Give your blog a makeover, get your creative juices flowing again.  Inject some new energy into it if it feels tired.

➤ Dig Up Your Archives - Every Post you've ever done has had a lot of work put into it.  If you've got new readers they've probably never seen your old posts so update and breathe new life into those old blog posts.

➤ Create a Blog Series - Sometimes its hard thinking about just one blog post let alone four or five.  So do some research, pick a larger topic and become innovative in your blog post creation.

I'd love to hear about your blogging stories in the comments below.

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Step-By-Step Guide to Writing Online Articles

Do you yearn to be free from the 9 to 5 grind?

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Learn How To:

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✫ Learn why you need to set-up your own website.

Instructor: Kevin Farrugia

Sample Review: "Good course with a lot of information for someone that's already freelancing. I am very new and wanted information on breaking into the freelancer world which I didn't get a lot of from this course. I will use the tips and advice given and refer back to the resources section to get the info that I need. It did offer great advice for building a writing website or improving one that you already have which was very helpful for me".  ✫✫✫

Take the Step-By-Step Guide to Writing Articles Online Course

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Thursday, February 09, 2017

8 Simple Steps to Forming a Blog Post Idea

How long does it take to form an idea for a blog?

Often ideas an just pop into your head and you don't get the chance to write your thoughts down properly.

Follow the 8 simple steps below to make an idea into a blog pot:

1. Make Notes - Carry a notebook around with you all of the time.  I've mentioned this is in a couple of other blog posts.  Scribble down ideas that pop into your head.  From there you can start to see a blog post emerging.

2. Check it over - I often go over past thoughts I've written down and start to create my blog posts from there.

3. Fuse Ideas Together - Sometimes it takes more than one idea to create a blog post.  Combining other ideas together can help develop and more in-depth post.

4. Early Draft - This is where the writing process begins.  Now and then it flows naturally, other times it can take a while for things to warm up.

5. Review Other Peoples Blog Posts - I do this all of the time.  I like to see what other people have written on the same subject so I can form a clear picture of what I cover in my article.  Incorporating the really important points I've discovered along the way.

6. Get a Second Opinion - Run your post ideas over with family and friends to see if there's anything you may have missed.

7. Compost Your Final Draft - After all of your thinking, note taking and drafts have been done.  You can sit down and write your final draft, tweaking it if need be.  From one simple idea, you may have discovered a series of posts instead of just one.

8. Publish - This is the part you can sit back and relax, as you publish your finished blog post.

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Monday, February 06, 2017

Selling Your eBook: 5 Alternatives to Amazon Kindle Publishing [Update]

Things have been pretty hectic since I started selling my eBooks through Payhip and the blog post I did on that subject.

I've been using my own advertising through social media such as Twitter and Google+ to get the word out about my eBooks.


I also decided recently to start a newsletter to give all of my readers extra support with their writing. Get 1976write updates straight to your inbox.

I'd love to hear from any other bloggers who've used Payhip to sell their eBooks or downloads in the comments below.

Happy Writing!