Thursday, May 05, 2016

3 Good Reasons Why (and How) to Turn Your Blog into an eBook

Writing an eBook at any time of the day can seem a mammoth task.  As an experienced writer you might feel its outside your limits.

If you're a seasoned blogger and have been doing it for a number of months or years you may already have a manuscript written, and have enough material to turn into a book.  These days its a hugely popular option.

With e-publishing and print-on-demand technology you can blog your book and it's not that expensive.

Check out the 3 good reasons below why bloggers do it - and why you might want to give it a go:

1. Ebooks Reach a Wider Audience

Not everyone is comfortable with technology and some people only have access to the internet at work, or may be they prefer to read in other ways such as a paperback book.

People who surf the internet may not come across your personal blog corner.

Potentially books can reach a wider audience, and can also be used as a promotional tool for your blog.

2. Ebooks Come With Credibility

Its true that anyone can sit down and write an eBook today, just like anyone can setup a blog, but books definitely have a certain credibility.

When you mention to your audience/followers that you've written an eBook or if you include your eBook in your biography, you get instant "expert" status.

If you want to look trustworthy, having a well-edited and produced eBook is really important.

3. Your Content Gets a New Lease of Life

Most of your current readers probably haven't read your earlier content because its been running a while.

Your archives and search box can help them find information but they may have missed out on your more brilliant and earlier posts, which have gone unread in the archives.

You can go through your blog and pull together great content for a book, giving it a new lease of life.

Do you feel like the blog-to-book journey is the one you want to take? Then follow these steps:

1. Edit and Compile Your Past Blog Posts

You need to start compiling all of your posts into one place before your blog can become an eBook.  You may want to use Microsoft word, Google docs or another tool for this.

Then go through and format post titles to Heading 2, this will make them chapter headings when you convert your document into an eBook.

Editing is almost certainly a must: fixing typos, adding or removing whole paragraphs, up dating out-of-date references.

You may need to remove posts that are no longer relevant:
  • Posts that aren't up to your usual standard and were written early on.
  • Short posts
  • Specific posts that are only relevant to a particular time
2. Select Reviewers and Readers

It doesn't matter how good your editing is you need extra eyes to read over your finished book.  In an ideal world that would mean hiring a paid editor, if that's not an option, ask those closest to you such as family, friends or even work colleagues to help you.

These reviewers only need to read the first chapter of your eBook to point out any problems they may find, from simple errors and missing words to structural issues.

3. Buy or Create a Cover Design

Like it or not books are judged by their cover.

You have numerous options and companies who specialise in this, if you want to pay for a professional book cover:
If you're on a budget and have no other option but creating it yourself remember to:

Keep it Simple, Classy and Minimalist

Use a large font so it can be easily seen and read at thumbnail size, use only one image.

I use PicMonkey to create my images and book covers, they offer a basic and Royale package which comes with extra tools, filters and more to make your image really stand out.

So why not start now, turn your blog into a book and change your life.

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