How to Write with Confidence

As a writer I always worry that what I write isn't good enough or liked by anyone.  It can feel like a black cloud hovering over my head sometimes, and be very hard to get rid of.

That crisis of conscience can hit when times are hard, and often leave you with writer's block.  Not really knowing what your next move should be.

We live in a world where big things are expected from us all of the time, which is a lot to handle when you're trying to live your life as well.

Sometimes all it takes is to step back and drop down a gear, put things into perspective, and not panic.

Sounds so simple I know.

Often the simplest things can be the hardest things to do because we think we're just going to fail if we try.

Instead of feeling like a failure when times are hard try this:

1. You're a Writer and no one can tell you otherwise

Gone are the days when you had writing aspirations, you're a writer, so deal with it!

2. Mistakes are meant to be made

Quit worrying about doing it wrong all of the time!  You make mistakes learn from them.  There are no set rules or instructions to follow, you've just go to sit down and do it come what may.

3. You're good enough to know how bad you really are

A really good writer knows when he/she needs to make improvement.  A bad writer will carry on doing the same mistakes over and over again.

4. Ask yourself why you started writing in the first place

When you started writing you were doing it because you loved it so much.

5. Make more time during the day to write

Give yourself plenty of time to write and think, this will take the pressure off when life gets in the way.

6. Set a writing routine

Create your own writing routine, seek out the best time during the day that you feel fresh enough to write then make it a habit.   Write everyday if you can.

7. Talent is overrated

Writing is a skill that needs to be nurtured and grown.  Stop worrying if you think you're not talented enough.

8. Get the right kind of support

Having a good support network around you makes all the difference.

9. Kill that frustration

Are you tired of seeing other writer's get book deals and feel like you're left out in the cold?  These feelings do nothing but hold you back, get rid of them and move on.  Make improvements if they need to be made.  Don't let that kind of frustation hold you back.

10. Collect all of your positive compliments

Negative compliments can weigh you down.  Take note of all of the positive reviews and comments you have and keep them as a permanent record.  Don't be swayed by negative words.

11. Criticism isn't personal

As hard as it is to believe criticism is just someone else's opinion and something you can actually learn from.  You need to toughen up and keep going.  Over time you'll get better at handling the negativity that comes your way..

12. Stay curious and always looking to learn new things

There's nothing wrong in wanting to be more confident with your writing and learning some new skills along the way.  Try reading more and find out what other writer's have to say.

If you're on the lookout for a book on Confidence, look no further than Confidence: 9 Steps to a New You.

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12 Glaring Signs You're a Writer at Heart

Do you sit back and think to yourself, if I wrote a book would it be any good?  It's a question most writer's ask themselves at some point in time.

Some people are more tuned into words than numbers, often finding spelling and grammar comes more easily to them than working out sums.  I count myself as one of those people, maths was never my strong point.  Do any of these signs seem familiar to you?

1. You people watch and listen into other peoples conversations

This probably sounds a lot like stalking, but all it really amounts to is observing people around you.  You take notes about the way they're dressed, the way they walk, how they carry themselves.  While you're sitting having a coffee your ears prick up and hone into conversations going on around you.  All of these things can build up a picture in your mind.  This can be just enough to spark a story idea.

2. You Stockpile Words

You love reading books, magazines, any sentence that makes sense, you make a note of it.  To you this makes perfect sense.  You have notebooks full of sentences and phrases you want to use at a later for a story.

3. You Buy a Journal Every Year

Ever since you learnt how to write you've always felt it important to record your feelings and life on paper.  Even if your day wasn't that exciting you felt the need to get your thoughts out there.

4. To You, words on paper are therapeutic

For you writing is part of a healing process or remedy you use when you're feeling depressed or down.  You start pacing the floor if you haven't written anything for days.

5. Reading is your passion 

You get told by friends and family for always burying your face in a book.  You take a book everywhere you go.  When you move you have boxes filled with books because you can't bear to part with them.

6. Your mind is full of adventures

You were always caught daydreaming in class.  Stories of pirates, knights and wizards were always in your head when you made up new worlds for them to inhabit.  No task is mundane, even washing the dishes, because you're always creating new stories.

7. Life experience is a potential goldmine for you

Every experience you have is something worth writing about.  Whether its being caught in a thunderstorm on the way home from work or being stuck in traffic for half an hour, these experiences are added to your journal for future reference.

8. You believe you're a better writer than the next guy

Inside you know that you're a better writer, especially when you read someone else's work.  You usually start out imitating his style, but not for long because you find your own voice and you start to improve as the days go on.

9.Your thoughts come from nowhere and you launch into a writing frenzy

Writer's block doesn't happen to you that often, but within minutes you put pen to paper and start scribbling away.  The half a page you planned on writing quickly becomes three pages.

10. You know a well constructed sentence when you see one

In your mind you always think your writing isn't good enough, but in reality you know good writing when you see it.  Your appreciation for well constructedsentences shows you have good taste.  A well formed sentence is like a glass of fine red wine.

11. You're Always Talking to Yourself

Sounds weird and a bit crazy.

Talking is your way of expressing an idea you've had that needs to be recited before it's quickly written down.

12. You Love Going to Bookstores

Visiting a bookstore for you is like a kid in a candy shop.  Shelves brimming with adventures and ideas.

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Improve Your Life and Your Blog By Writing an Article Everyday

If you're looking for a serious challenge in your life and more visitor's to your website.  You need to write more.

Your article doesn't need to be long (by long I mean 1,000 words), it could be 500 concise and to the point.  All of your articles should relate to your blog or business and relevant to what you're doing.  The main things is to "just write" everyday.

The advantages of writing everyday:

Why Content Marketing is so Valuable

The more links out there that are directed to your site, the more visible you become on the internet.

Your Reputation Will Grow

It's inevitable that by writing more your reputation will naturally follow.

Enhance SEO and Social Media

As I pointed out earlier, the more pages you have indexed on Google the more your website will be seen.  On social media it will help drive more traffic to your blog the more posts you share.

Personal Growth

Writing everyday will do more than just boost your visibility on Google it will also:

Improve Your Writing Skills

Jumping in at the deep end is the best way to get started.  This will help condition your brain to a daily writing habit, making you more aware of what's going on around you and giving your brain exercise.  The benefits to your mental health are pretty big because the focus and discipline required will increase your will power exponentially which will pour over and improve other parts of your life.


Writing more frequently means you can improve your current writing process and make improvement's that will be beneficial to you and your audience.

More Engagement

Interaction with your audience will start to go up and you're writing will be even better.

Where Do I Start?

There's no better start than taking that first leap and just sitting down and writing.  The best advice I can give is to "just do it"!

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5 Reasons Why I Chose Blogger as My Author Platform

Way back in the olden days, when people used blogging as a journal not a website.Launched in 1999, Blogger is both versatile and free.  Read my reasons below why I chose Blogger as my hosting platform:

1. Hosted by Google and a Free Platform

With no hidden hosting costs and ad free it's cheaper than the biggest competitor's.  You're supplied with a blogspot.com sub-domain, but still able to integrate with a custom domain.

2. Simple Custom Domain Assimilation

Blogger doesn't provide a custom domain name service but it will readily redirect your new domain and content from your blog to your chosen domain name.  As you can see by custom domain name, which I purchased from Hostgator.

Hosting can be an expensive business and can cost you anywhere from $50-$500 a year depending.  There are no hidden costs with Blogger, what you see is what you get!

3. Unlimited Hosting for Free

Even though Blogger doesn't currently support PHP you can still add custom forms to your blog using services such as JotForm, Cognito Forms or Wufoo.

4. Google Friendly

A member of the Google family, with a guaranteed reliable and quality service.  When you start your Blogger blog you'll be given a Google Account which comes with lot's of other goodies such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar and Google Places.

Search Engine Optimisation can be easily achieved with specific blog post description, keywords and labels.  Google account comes with lots of other tools like Google Webmaster tools and Google Analytics, Google Adsense which can improve the performance of your website and allows you to monitor your visitor's.

5. Easy to Use and Plenty of Gadgets

When I first using Blogger I was a complete novice.  But I soon started to pick up on easy customisation techniques and how to integrate Adsense and other advertising into my blog.

If you're on the lookout for a book on Blogging, be sure to check out Blogger: Build Your Blogger Website in Five Steps from Start to Finish 

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5 Advantages of Attracting Guest Authors to Your Blog

Companies of all shapes and sizes have a blog on their website, of which they normally go to outside sources for their writing.

Appealing to other bloggers and content marketers to contribute towards your blog is a huge plus for you as a blogger and has mutual benefits to all concerned.

Here are five benefits:

1. Build Your Reputation

Google PageRank is established on bloggers verifying each others reputations.  Guest bloggers are aknowledging your authority by writing a guest post on your blog.  The more conspicuous the blogger the more your reputation will grow over time.

2. Accomplished Expert

It does your blog no harm if you find someone with more knowledge or experience than you have.  It also gives your audience a fresh perspective on your chosen field.

3. Break Time

Writing is my passion and can be at times tiring, resulting in writer's block.  All writer's have this at some point, being able to draw on the odd guest post gives you oppotunity to recharge your batteries.

4. Tunnel Vision

When you start writing on your blog you gradually build a routine which can leave you without a new perspective.  Attracting other bloggers to write a blog post will give your blog a different view.

5. More Opportunity

By opening the door to guest authors you may even return the favour by guest posting on their blog.  This opens the door of opportunity to numerous possibilities and better things in the future.

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