Wednesday, November 07, 2018

How to Select the Right Kindle

If you love the smell of a paperback, or the feel of a real book, there are other ways to appreciate the written word.  Books will always be here, but e-readers have their own advantages. 

Core Features of Amazon Kindle

  1. All Amazon Prime members have access to Kindle Owners' Lending Library
  2. Prime members also have access to Prime Reading Service
  3. Access to Amazon's Family Library (which means you can share your eBooks with other members of your household)
Real Pleasure Reading from a Kindle
No need to wait for the next new book release, you can download it the minute it lands in the Amazon store.  A Kindle is a well-built, hardy piece of kit that will withstand the roughest of hands.  A really good reason to purchase a Kindle is that its so easy to use.

Useful Features on a Kindle
  • Unique E-Ink screen that look just like words on paper
  • Readable in the sun
  • Refreshes immediately
  • Long battery life
  • Has the ability to highlight and share passages with other people
Perfect for Night Readers

If you spend most of your time reading at night or in the wee small hours, Kindle is perfect.  With tiny LEDs that emit a natural style lighting to adjust to all your lighting needs.

Buy Books at All Hours of the Day or Night

As mentioned earlier, Kindle allows you to download books whenever you want, and you get them straight away to read. 

No more hanging around waiting for the paperback of hardback to come out.  With 5 million books and counting, you have a millions of books to choose from, at your fingertips.

Amazon has a range of non-fiction and fiction books at low prices everyday.

Which Model Should I Choose?

Budget Kindle starting at $79.99
  • 6" touchscreen
  • 1GHz processor
  • 4GB of storage
  • Two weeks battery life per charge
Kindle Paperwhite from $119.99
  • Optional 3G connectivity
  • 300 pixels per inch
  • Available in Wi-Fi
  • Available without lockscreen adverts with 3G $170
Kindle Voyage from $199.99
  • Thinner and light with PagePress buttons and ambient light sensor
  • Choose between Wi-Fi or 3G
  • 6" touchscreen
  • 300 pixles per inch
  • Use PagePress to turn pages
  • Six weeks battery life is used for half an hour a day with wireless off and screen lighting set to 10
  • Ambient light sensor, adjust automatically to the lightning conditions
Kindle Oasis from $249.99
  • 3G version
  • Waterproof
  • The lightest of all other Kindles weighing in at 131g without its case
  • Battery last a couple of weeks
  • Included case boosts battery life by up to two months
  • Now with Audible, listen to the world's largest library of audiobooks
  • 300 pixels per inch
  • Front lit with more LEDs

Best Kindle Overall

First time eReaders should opt for the basic Kindle, for those people that love upgrading, the Kindle Paperwhite comes out the best choice and value, with its touchscreen and light.  Also ideal for anyone wanting to upgrade their old Kindle.

For those avid Kindle eReaders the Kindle Oasis is the best choice, if you're looking for the best model it comes out on top.

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