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Using Your Author Brand to Market Your Book



Your brand tells readers what to expect from you as an author, as well as what to expect from your books, and it is built over time.

The Write Practice. 

It's All About How People See You

Your author brand is created by the information you put out to the world.  Which simply means, any books, posts on social media, videos on YouTube etc.  Things like your logo and website are all part of your author brand and should be consistent throughout your work as a writer.

People Go By The Image They're Given

If you're selling soft and cuddly make sure there's no horror mixed in.  In other words, if you're writing in a particular genre, your brand needs to match up.  If you start straying out of your persona and brand, it confuses people and can put them off. 

1976write is my brand and it's all about nonfiction and writing.  I haven't strayed outside of it in any way, or started a different brand.  All of my book covers reflect my website colour's, even the books that aren't about writing are all branded the same.

Things to Think About When Designing Your Author Brand

  1. Which colours will you choose to use on your website that will spread throughout your social media?
  2. Will you use the same colour palette when you design your book covers?
  3. Which keywords suit your author brand?
  4. Images and fonts, what do yours say about your author brand?

Consistency is Key

Once you've decided on your website design and colour palette you can start creating social media profiles to match.  This consistency across your social media and beyond is key to people knowing who you are.

Stay Within Your Author Brand Walls

When you start deviating from your brand message that's when things become messy, and harder to manage.  People come to your website because they expect certain things, and look forward to hearing what you have to say about your books, or new information you may have discovered about the industry.  

Look to Other Successful Authors in Your Niche

There are plenty of authors out there that are successful in all areas of writing.  Look to them for inspiration.  There's a lot of really good and informative information out there once you start digging.

Should I Use a Nom de Plume (Pseudonym)?

Nom de Plume Meaning

The definition of a pseudonym (or nom de plume in French) is a fake name used by a writer when writing and publishing their work in order to protect themselves or increase the chance of success.

4 Good Reasons Authors Use a Nom de Plume

1. Their name is being used already

2. They need to hide their real identity.

3. They need a fresh start.

4. They want to try a new genre.

The Aim of the Game is Connection

Connection is what all writers are looking for, a way of communicating with the people reading their books.  This was made possible thanks to the internet and technology in today's world.  Traditionally published authors would have book signings and be speakers (which still happens today).  But never able to connect over platforms such as X, Facebook or LinkedIn.

The internet is the point of connection, and the ability for all writers everywhere to find an audience of people that want to read their work, while being in control of the information they're putting out.

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