Monday, April 29, 2024

The Power of Integrity, Authenticity and Generosity When Marketing Your Books


 The power of your craft emerges when you write what you love.


Marketing for the Customer

One of the main reasons people start writing is because they want to share their passion with others.  This could be through stories or self-help books, and inspirational books.   So why not market your books in the same way?

Think about what your audience is looking for and concentrate your marketing efforts on that.

It's Not All About Taking

Being able to give something back to your reader's through sheer generosity, whether it be by offering a free book every month, or setting up a competition to win a paperback.  All of these things build up good will and people will remember you for it.

Collaborating With Like-Minded Authors

You can do this through newsletters, and networking, promoting other authors' work.  And also through your own platform, asking like-minded writers to contribute. 

Be Yourself

When you start writing on the internet and self-publishing your own books, you quickly discover the dark side.  The dark side is where all of the scammers, trolls and haters live.  Just remember to be yourself and people will want to buy your books.

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