Here's a list of writing resources to help you expand your knowledge of the craft.  I've curated this list of resoures for both newbies and seasoned writers alike.

To make it easier this list is broken up into different sections, that are fairly broad, but covering every area of writing and writing online.

Without further ado, here are 38 Resources for Writers.  In the spirit of social media marketing, please share the link to this page, as well as links to it.

The Best of 1976write

For free: 1976write Archive

In Book Form:

 Best Writing Websites to Get You Started
  1. Writers Helping Writers
  2. Write or Die
  3. The Write Practice
  4. Positive Writer
  5. Goins Writer
  6. Creative Revolt
  7. Elna Cain
  8. Freelance to Freedom
  9. FundsforWriters
  10. Make a Living Writing
  11. Sagan Morrow
  12. The Freelancer's Year

Writing Tools

  • Dragon Professional - Create documents, surf the web, control your PC - three times faster than typing - simply by speaking.
  • Digital Voice Recorder - Record your notes for books, blogs, and social media at the touch of a button, then save direct to USB connection for easy file transfer.
  • Laptop - Stay up-to-date with all of your writing and social media with this Best Selling laptop. 

Books on Writing

  1. The Elements of Style By William Strunk Jr and E B White  - An American English Writing style guide, the most prescriptive treatment of English grammar and it's usage.
  2. On Writing By Stephen King - Hugely enlightening for any aspiring writer, a million-copy bestseller, Stephen King shares his experiences, habits, and convictions that have helped shape him and make him the writer he is today.
  3. Writing Strategies Book: Your Everything Guide to Developing Skilled Writers By Jennifer Serravallo - Jen Serravallo has collected 300 of the most effective strategies to share with writer's everywhere, and grouped them together into 10 crucial goals.
  4. Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life By Anne Lamott - Advice about writing and on life from acclaimed bestselling author Anne Lamont.
  5. The Author Startup: A Radical Approach To Rapidly Writing and Self-Publishing Your Book On Amazon By Ray Brehm  - The Author Startup will show you how to create a viable product and publish your book, build momentum and market your book.
  6. On Writing Well: The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction By William Zinsser - Highly praised for its sound advice, On Writing shows with the clarity of its style and warmth the fundamental principles as well as insights from a distinguished writer and teacher William Zinsser.
  7. The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer's Guide To Character Expression By Angela Ackerman & Becca Puglisi - Highlighting 75 emotions and listing the possible body language cues, thoughts, and visceral responses for each, all in an easy-to-use format.
  8. The Writing Life By Anne Dillard  - A short collection of essays written by Annie Dillard, illuminating the dedication, absurdity, and daring that characterize the existence of a writer.

Blog Images and Book Covers

How to Create Amazing For Your Blog With Fotor
60 of the Best Book Cover Designers Online

Free Tools for Writers

  1. AbiWord
  2. Google Docs
  3. Office Online
  4. Libre Office
  5. WPS Office
  6. SoftMaker
  7. Hemingway Editor
  8. BlogAbout
  9. Fotor