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Discover the Writer in You is more than just a writing book.  It's a plan to show you how to make a
living writing online.

Discover the Writer in You not only teaches you how to write high-quality content, but also build a website, create a niche, SEO, and how to build a strong reader fan base.

I wish I had this Ebook when I first started writing for a living.  A book that would have brought my dreams into reality a lot sooner saving lots of wasted time and energy.

I want to help you recognise your dreams without floundering like I did.

Discover the Writer in You


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Starting Out
10 Signs You're a Writer at Heart
How to Write an Article in Less than 30 mins
How to Stay Fresh as Writer: 10 Ideas to Start Your Originality
"Just Write"
How to Research Your Writing
How to Write for Revenue Sharing Sites and Earn a Passive Income
20 Writing Do's and Don'ts

Building Your Writing Platform

How to Build a Website
How to Create a Niche
Creating easy-to-read blog posts
Write a Successful Series on Your Blog in 7 Steps
Important Points to Consider for Blog Posting Frequency
Blog Posts: How Long Should they Be?
Blog Posts: Utilising Titles Productively
[Combating Blogger's Block] 9 Types of Blog Posts
Hate SEO? A 9 Point Plan to Improve Your Invisibility Online
27 Places to Increase Your Blog Traffic
[Blog Images] How to Make Words Look Good
Feeling Overwhelmed? How to Blog More Productively

How to Write and Self-Publish Your Book

Why You Don't Need Permission to Write a Book
6 Good Reasons Why You Should Write an Ebook
Write an Ebook in 30 Days and Finish it With this Guide
What You Need to Know Before You Self-Publish
8 Best Self-Publishing Companies for First Time Authors
3 Good Reasons Why and How to Turn Your Ebook into an Ebook
How to Format and Convert Your eBook Document File in Google Docs
7 Ebook Tools You Need to Try Out
[Selling Your eBook] Alternatives to Amazon Kindle


The Really Quick Guide to Social Media

Discover the Writer in You


Sign Up today and receive your coupon code for 35% off Discover the Writer in You .