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In my books I share recognised, step-by-step strategies and tips used by writers, self-publishers and bloggers worldwide.

The Complete Guide to Writing and Self-Publishing Online: Amazon

Powered By Blogger: Amazon

Just Write: A Practical No Nonsense Guide to Making a Living as a Writer: Amazon

The Indispensable Guide to Copywriting: Amazon

What Every Writer Needs to Know About Social Media: Amazon

The Copyediting Guide: Amazon

Grammar, Punctuation and Sentences: Amazon

Stop Procrastinating and Just Write: Amazon

How to be a Successful Ghostwriter:  Amazon

SEO for Writers: Search Engine Optimisation Simplified: Amazon 

Affiliate Marketing for Writers: Amazon

Other Books

Strange Stories, True Stories, and Tales from Hollywood: Amazon

Self-Confidence Workbook: Amazon

Everything You Need to Know About Health, Beauty, Fashion, Travel, Money and Living in a Chaotic World: Amazon

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