Blogger: Build Your Blogger Website in Five Steps from Start to Finish. Taken from the authors own personal experience of blogging this insightful book will take you step-by-step through the blogging process until you have a blog of your own up and running.

With easy-to-read chapters of someone who's been there already Helen Bolam shares her vast knowledge of Blogger and shows how easy it is for anyone to start a Blogger blog and turn a passion into a business.

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Amazing: and Interesting Facts. Did you know about the strange case of H.H. Holmes and his murder hotel? Or how easy it is to read somebody's body language? Or what amazing health benefits vinegar has? These are just some of question's that are answered in Amazing: and Interesting Facts. This fact filled guide will take you through topics ranging from entertainment to health and fitness, finance, travel, fashion and beauty. Upgrade your knowledge and discover things you've never heard before.

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Confidence: 9 Steps to a New You. This book will show you how to put all of your fears aside and learn new exercises to boost your self-esteem and unlock your full potential. By becoming more confident you'll create the life you want and move effortlessly through the goals you want to achieve, while making sure you'll never be invisible again.

Discover the Writer in You is more than just an eBook its a simple guide to show you how to make a living online.

Discover the Writer in You not only teaches you how to set up an author platform but also blogging, marketing, SEO and how to build a strong reader fan base.

What's inside Discover the Writer in You:
  • How to stay fresh as a writer
  • How to write and sell an eBook
  • Valuable tips on researching your writing
  • and so much more .......
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