Thanks to the internet it's the best time to be a writer

Yes that's right the internet has opened the door to thousands of writer's to make real money from their writing.

This is all thanks to the emergence of ebooks and indie publishing by which you can generate a handsome income.  With a publishing industry crying out for new authors to keep flourishing.

In Just Write: A Practical No Nonsense Guide to Making a Living as a Writer you'll discover the formula to making a living as a writer, and how to expand your income stream to earn more through your writing. 


Has your writing stalled? Is the manuscript for your book turning into a slow and painful process? Or may be you have a problem just getting started on your writing journey.

Learn how you can turn your hesitation and doubt into productivity, and live a happier writing life.
This book is full of plain-speaking, encouraging, and hard-won advice that will help you get your writing done.

Copywriting is all about influencing people and changing the way they think.

Read all of the essential steps to copywriting from understanding the product, readers, and benefits, to closing the sale in this clear and effective guide.

The Indispensable Guide to Copywriting: How to Write Effective and Compelling Copy That Sells is the perfect introduction to copywriting for any newbie or seasoned copywriter.

The world of writing is more than just fiction writers, it includes professional writers such as freelance writers, copywriters, technical writers, and business writers.  Writing is the lifeblood of  many of these writers, after studying long and hard for years, gaining degrees from prestigious universities and colleges.

Many professionals take for granted the fact their occupation is based in and around writing.  Writing important reports and documents meticulously day in day out.

If writing is part of your profession you probably don't give it a second thought, it's second nature and part of what you do. In order to become efficient, productive, and effective at what you do you need to understand your own personal behaviours.

Editing your own writing can seem uneventful and unexciting at the best of times.  Writing your draft, then itching to get it out into the world.  All it needs is one more read through and spellcheck, and presto! It's ready.


You need to start developing your self-editing skills in these four fields:

1. Concentration and stamina
2. Technique
3. Mindset
4. Tools

(Excerpt from The Copyediting Guide: How to Polish Your Writing Like a Pro)

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The Complete Guide to Writing and Self-Publishing Online

Do you have a passion for writing but don't know what to do with it? Do you dream of writing books?

For any would-be writers the internet has given writers a new kind of freedom to do what they love. These days anyone with a computer can access the internet and turn their knowledge, thoughts and passion into reality without any barriers. Teenagers and even moms have become rich blogging their own interests and passions. Author's who once lay on the pile of rejects are now epublished and being offered traditional publishing deals. You can join them! In this book I'm going to show you how to: Write an article in 5 steps, start your own website, research your blog posts thoroughly, write and publish a book.

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Powered By Blogger: How to Create and Make Money With a Blogger Blog 

Delivers sound advice and a workable action plan, to create an authoritative, strong and productive blog.

By seasoned blogger Helen Bolam, who's been there, shares her own insight to write about the things she's really passionate about, and how you can do the same.

Want to start a blog? Start making real money online?

This book provides the framework for you to start your blogging career, along with all of the tools and information you need to be successful online.

If you love writing, and want to share your knowledge and experience, you can do this to. Discover how your life could change by building a simple, profitable Blogger blog, by sharing what you love with the world.

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Grammar, Punctuation and Sentences

Is an ideal tool for anyone who wants to produce clear, concise, and grammatically correct writing of a high standard. Whether you're writing professional documents, personal letters or emails, or school papers, you'll discover this book is indispensable. From verbs, and nouns, to sentence creation, writer Helen Bolam guides you through this simple guide, enabling you to get your thoughts out in a simple quick way.

Grammar, Punctuation and Sentences is a quick concise guide to grammar, punctuation and the use of sentences in English grammar. An easy-to-read resource with clear explanations of grammar, punctuation and sentences.

Making learning English grammar usage more simple.

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What Every Writer Needs to Know About Social Media

Maximise Your Reach on Social Media as a Writer!

What Every Writer Needs to Know About Social Media is a guide for those writers just starting out, or writers who want to refine their presence online.

In the digital age of blogging, websites, Twitter feeds, and Facebook updates, constructing a social media platform from scratch can be really daunting. Helen Bolam provides valuable information, and insight into the world of social media, and how writers can apply simple tips to further their writing online, and make money at the same time.

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Amazing and Interesting Facts

Did you know about the strange case of H.H. Holmes and his murder hotel? Or how easy it is to read somebody's body language? Or what amazing health benefits vinegar has?

These are just some of the question's that are answered in Amazing and Interesting Facts.

This fact filled guide will take you through topics ranging from entertainment, health and fitness, finance, travel, fashion and beauty.

Upgrade your knowledge and discover things you've never heard before.

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The Self-Confidence Guide: Overcome Self-Doubt, Learn How to Develop Solid Self-Confidence

Discover the secret of self-confidence, and use it in your everyday life with exercises, tips and strategies from the The Self-Confidence Guide.

Self-confidence starts with you, knowing who you are, and what you want out of life. The Self-Confidence Guide gives you simple exercises and strategies, as well as an action plan that you can start using straight away.

By the end of The Self-Confidence Guide you'll understand how powerful your own self-confidence is, and how to use it to create a better life, and new you for the future.

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