Monday, October 07, 2019

10 Best Online Copywriting Courses

Copywriting is one of the most valuable skills to have as a blogger and writer, and will  bring in more sales, followers and new customers to your website than any other kind of writing.

Originally used for print and TV ads, mainly used today online to engage customers and readers with the use of e-books, social media posts, landing pages and on thousands of websites worldwide.

Useful for building blog readership, social media accounts and readers into customers.  Which is why new copywriting skills should be honed and learnt, and current skills should be kept up-to-date with the latest online courses and classes in order to keep things fresh.

So let's get started!

Here is a list of the best copywriting courses online:

Free Copywriting Courses

155 Years of Copywriting Insights Taught In 1.5 Hour Course!

In this copywriting course, Eric John Campbell shows you how to use the right words to speak to your audience and increase sales.  He knows how important words are to writing the best copy, and increasing sales, and that by using copywriting principles you can make a lot of money.

Copywriting Quick Start: Top FREE Writing Tools & Hacks

Tyler Speegle shares with you some the best FREE writing tools and hacks to help you generate endless blog ideas, create killer headlines, and write persuasive marketing copy.  As a professional copywriter and freelance writer, Tyler Speegle has spent several years using all kinds of writing tools and writing hacks that will help you to brainstorm better ideas, discover effective keywords, and create viral headlines. This course has been designed for content writers, freelancers, bloggers, copywriters, and anyone wanting to improve their writing productivity.

Copywriting Foundations: Sell Using Your Words in 2019

Learning how to copywrite from blog posts and websites can be frustrating at the best of times.  Even with lots of books on copywriting, it can become pretty boring over time.  This course delivers two key points of copywriting, knowing your customer, and focusing on your message.  Full of real world examples, PDF cheat sheets missions to complete.  Leaving you with the right tools to increase your bottom line.

Digital Copywriting & Content Creation Guide

Copywriting is a science as much as it is an art.  Anish Raul, an award-winning Copywriter, uses his extensive knowledge of  copywriting to teach you the ability of writing copy that will leave a lasting impact.  Using the basics of copywriting, applying communication processes for digital copywriting, copywriting techniques and approaches, the elements of an Ad, and much much more.

Paid Copywriting Courses

Copywriting for Crafters

You've built your blog, now it's time to get people to buy!  Learn wordsmithing tricks and techniques that will lead customers to check-out with your products, from experienced Etsy sellers Lisa Jacobs.  Lisa will tell you what to include in product descriptions and what to leave out.  Revealing the common errors that cause product listings to fail, and help ensure that your products always stand-out.  Join Lisa Jacobs, and use the words that get results, and increase sales by the sending the right message at the right time.

Copywriting Secrets - How to Write Copy that Sells

World class copywriting can transform your performance out of all recognition, but this course also covers things like press releases, how to write and what to do with them once you've written them. You'll also look in detail at how to write case studies, and web copy that's optimized, White Papers, and how you can become a voice in your industry.  Complete with real-life examples to download, so you can see for yourself how the finished article looks and feels.

Website Copywriting

This course is all about making the right impression on your audience with website copywriting.  You'll learn how to write web copy quickly, confidently and effectively, for all pages of your website.  This course is designed for every internet user, and will give you the vital copywriting skills required to write the website copy yourself.  With easy-to-follow examples and optional templates that are provided to help you write compelling website copy without starting from a blank page every time.

10 Copywriting Hacks that Work in 2019

Learn how to double or triple your conversion rate and sales copy from 6-figure copywriters such as Jay Abraham. Covering the art and science of headlines that converts in lesson No. 1.  Next you'll discover how to grab the attention of your audience with a 'grabber'.  Discover how to to stir the emotions of your audience with 'Action Words', enabling you to showcase the value of your physical or digital products to make the price appear more attractive.

30 Copywriting Secrets from the Best Ad Campaigns of All Time

This course is designed for anyone wanting a shortcut to learning how to write great copy.  You'll be examining the most successful advertising campaigns in history, which include newspaper ads for Volkswagen that run during the 1960s and 1970s.  A campaign that took a boring, ugly, unknown product and made it one of the most talked about, popular products in history.  You'll learn how a successful ad is built, through headlines, visuals, opening lines, body copy, format of sales pitch, testimonials, features and benefits, reader engagement, humour, irony, keys to being original, endings, and much more.  This course is specifically designed for copywriters who want to improve their craft, and aspiring copywriters who want to learn what actually works in the copywriting business.

Copywriting: How to Convert Features Into Benefits that Sell

Learn how to push the hot emotional buttons of your prospects from Vladimir Raykov, Marketing Manager, and teacher of a highly successful course on Marketing Fundamentals, Marketing Psychology, and copywriting.  Providing you with world-class examples of the most successful copywriters in the world, you'll learn about proven strategies and not vague theories.

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