Monday, July 01, 2019

Basic Writing Tools Every Writer Should Use

3 Must-Have Tools for Writers

It's pretty clear these days, that many writers are relying on technology rather than real books, such as dictionaries, style guides, and grammar reference books.

The Internet is full of online dictionaries and thesauruses, language reference websites, and plenty of grammar usage forums that don't give writers the real depth they need to really understand speech, and spelling variations.

Many of these reference sites online only offer there own understanding or belief, and don't give a thorough balanced view of language.

In order to write well, you need dependable resources for both accuracy and information.

A good reference book can give you the correct information to help you avoid any unwanted embarrassment before you publish your blog or social media.

Any "grammar police" who like to point the finger should also do their own homework thoroughly before pointing the finger.

Writing on the Internet is difficult enough without people pointing out your mistakes and not checking properly first.

I digress, with eBooks being written so readily, and many not checking their work for spelling mistakes, there is no shame in turning to a reference guide to check for grammatical errors.

The best way to learn is by making mistakes and being curious about the language your writing in.  And you can do this through all good style and reference guides.

Books won't make you a better writer, but perseverance, passion and curiosity are what makes writers great.

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