Wednesday, April 10, 2019

How to Generate Blog Post Ideas

(Blog post updated 10/04/2019)

How long does it take to form blog post idea?

Often ideas an just pop into your head and you don't get the chance to write your thoughts down properly.

Follow the 8 simple steps below to make an idea into a blog pot:

1. Make notes

Have a notebook and pen at hand, when you're out and about.  I've mentioned this is in a couple of other blog posts.  Scribble down ideas that pop into your head. 

Notebook and Pen
2. Look back on old notes

Yes even past notes you taken can help you think of new ideas. 

3. Fuse ideas together

Often a number of ideas will bring you to one conclusion, when you're thinking of new blog post ideas.

4. Early draft

Start writing your draft early, it may help to shake some things loose in your brain.  Once you start on one idea, your imagination will take hold, and do the rest for you.

5. Make a favourites list out of relevant blog posts from other bloggers

Favourites lists can be really handy, especially when you're all out of ideas.  By having a collection of posts at hand, you can run through them and take your ideas from there.

6. Get a second opinion

Run your post ideas over with family and friends to see if there's anything you may have missed.

7. Compose your final draft

After all of your thinking, note taking and drafts have been done, you can sit down and write your final draft, tweaking it if need be.  From one simple idea, you may have discovered a series of posts instead of just one.

8. Publish

You can sit back and relax, until your next articles need to be written.

Tell me your thoughts on blog post ideas in the comments below.