Monday, April 29, 2019

Copywriting Basics: What Every Writer Should Know

Copywriting is a field of writing that can make your blog or website shine.  You just need to know the basics before you get started. 

Quick Note:

Remember its all about the audience.

Typing out well written sentences, with no grammar or punctuation mistakes, is all very welly, but what you need to understand is that copywriting is a persuasive form of writing that's there to encourage your customers to trust your brand.

Follow these 5 copywriting tips to create the perfect copy for your audience.

1. Let Them Know You Can Make There Lives Better

Whatever product you're trying to sell, you need to persuade your audience of  the benefits your product offers.  By simply arousing their curiosity, and attention, with the advantages your product offers, then winning them over with the details.

2. Be Constantly Building Relationships With Your Current Customers and New Customers

The only way your audience trusts you is through the words you write, you can do this through your tone and voice.  Along with some other more effective techniques in order to create a connection.

Getting to know your audience first, is an effective way of presenting the benefits of whatever you may be selling.  Your copy lays the foundation, of hopefully, what will be a long lasting relationship with your customers or followers. 

Here are some simple steps for you to follow to build a relationship with your customers:

✩ Use features of your product or service that will connect with your readers, and appeal to them on that level.

✩ Always follow through and deliver on your products and services.

✩ Always respond directly to any customer complaints, request, praise and social media contact.

3. Less is More When Writing Copy that Sells

A huge misconception is that you need a page full of words to effectively get your message across.  This is a great misconception of copywriting, your readers don't want to be bored to death, but instead give them short pithy paragraphs that get straight to the point.  Including enough information about the vital information as they need.

4. Make Your Copy Easy-to-Read

Write easy digestible copy that your readers can quickly skim over, and lay it out using the following points:

  • Break-down long paragraphs into two or three short ones.
  • Use numbered or bullet point lists.
  • Make important text bold.
  • Create interesting images to separate paragraphs or blurbs.

The more interesting the information looks. the more likely people are to continue reading.

5. Always Make It About Them, Not You

Make your copy personal to your audience, that's the key to successful copywriting.

By writing copy in a more conversational style, and telling an interesting story, you connect with your audience.

At the end of the day copywriting is all about persuading your audience, and understanding your audiences wants and needs.  You do this by presenting them a product or service in the best possible light, that's the key to getting them to buy.

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