Friday, April 12, 2019

What You Need to Know About Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest

Making Money on Pinterest

Due to a deluge of spammy pins in 2015, Pinterest banned affiliate marketing on their platform.

Making money on Pinterest has become a key part of creating revenue for many writers online.  As I've explained in previous blog posts, social media can be one the main places to start an income stream.

Many social media users don't even have a blog.

To really make money it takes time and patience to master, but when you do you'll have the start of what will become a very worthwhile income stream for you and your business.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work on Pinterest?

Pinterest users have been doing this since 2018, and most pinners have been getting great results.  With 200 million active users worldwide, the world's your oyster on Pinterest.

Here are three tips to get you start with your affiliate links on Pinterest:

1. Develop Pinterest Boards to Display Products

Branding your Pinterest boards will make you and your business look more professional, and it will give people the opportunity to see that you're serious, without too much reading.

Once you've given your Pinterest profile a clear description, each board requires a relevant title and short description to let your followers know what they're looking at.

All the boards you create should include relevant pins on that particular subject, and if you have a blog, make sure you're regularly posting on Pinterest.  You want to become a resource for other like-minded bloggers.

Now that you've established your boards it's time to think about adding affiliate links.

2. Choose Appropriate Affiliate Products to Add to Your Boards

Once you've signed up to an affiliate program it shouldn't be too difficult to choose which board to pin your products to.

Pinning an affiliate link is much the same as normal pinning, with the added difference that your adding your description, affiliate link and disclosure.

Quick note: The FTC requires you disclose all your affiliate links on all social media platforms you're using.  You can do this by simply adding one of the following hashtags #Ad #affiliatelink #sponsored.

According to this article from Amazon Associates blog it is acceptable to pin Amazon affiliate links.

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8 Rules to Follow When Posting Affiliate Links on Pinterest

1. Add a Clear Disclosure to All Affiliate Pins

2. Refresh Current Pins

3. Start Boards to Include Affiliate Products

4. Write Good Board Descriptions

5. use Affiliate Links Tastefully

6. Create More than One Image

7. Never Use Link Shortners on Pinterest


If done properly affiliate marketing on social media can help grow your audience, and open up a doorway to extra revenue for your business.

Start out gradually using the tips above, and see what works best for you.  By testing the waters early you'll start to discover what your audience wants.

Tell me your thoughts on using affiliate links on Pinterest, and what experiences you've had so far.

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