Wednesday, February 13, 2019

10 Best Skillshare Courses for Writers

Learning is part and parcel of the life of many writers, whether it be taking classes at a local college, or looking for something online to fulfil their needs.

Online learning is a huge technological advancement, making it easier than ever for individuals to access some of the finest writing minds.

If you want to expand your writing expertise then check out these 10 courses from Skillshare:

Copywriting Masterclass - Writing that Sells

Doru Catana uses his 5 years in the advertising industry to bring you classic knowledge from the copywriting founders (ogliviy, Caples and Scwab).  To write copy that will make your message more effective, get more sales and allow your story to be told the way it deserves.

The Writer's Toolkit: 6 Steps to a Successful Writing Habit

Award winning and bestselling author Simon Van Booy, walks writers of all kinds through a 40 minute class using a simple process that makes writing approachable and fun.  Ideal for aspiring writers, authors and enthusiasts for a creative outlet.

Creative Writing Essentials: Writing Stand-Out Opening Scenes

New York Times bestsellling author Daniel Jose Older shows you how to craft a compelling opening scene for your story.  His case study is the first and last opening scene for his urban fantasy novel Shadowshaper.  Breaking down the anatomy of a scene, providing clear and useful exercises to help you analyse character, movement, and structure.

Capture Your Writing Ideas: How to Never Lose Track of Blog and Book Ideas

Owner of Professional Content Creation, Rebecca Livermore, shows you how to set up your writing idea capture system.  Covering the pros and cons of both analog and digital tools for your idea capture system.  Sharing some of her favourite analog and digital tools for capturing ideas, and creating your own system that works for you.

Rekindling the Art of Letter Writing

Writing Instructor Christopher Mitchell takes you away from the convenient tools of communication.  Instead going back to personal writing that allows you to slow down and ruminate over the relationships you cherish.  Allowing you to think more deeply and carefully about what to write to the recipient.

Writing Without Fear: Using Life Writing to Free the Writer Within You

If you've every struggled with writer's block and fear of the blank page, Christopher Mitchell will show you how to overcome these frustrations as you learn how to turn your memories into memoirs in this course jam-packed with great information.

Make Your Writing Stand Out in Eight Easy Steps

Writing Professor and Personal Growth Teacher Rachel Leroy, shows you how to improve your writing style, approach, and habits. Broken down into four simple sections, containing strategies to help improve clarity, flow, presentation, and results in your writing.

Writing, Publishing, Marketing and Selling Your First Book

Working alongside some of the biggest names n eCommerce and online marketing, John W. Hayes, has been helping both small and medium sized companies develop their business strategies.  This course is developed to help aspiring writers realise their potential and guide them through the process of writing, publishing, marketing and selling their first book.

Freelance Writing 101: Build a Successful Writing Career

Brad Merrill CEO  of Merrill Media, uses his experience to lay out a step-by-step road map that you can follow to start your own business and get you your first paid writing gig.

DoodleWriting - 5 ways to loosen up and play with your writing

Artist and writer Angelique Noll takes a lighthearted attitude associated with doodling and transfers it into the writing process.  Leaving you free to write and play with your words and ideas.

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