Wednesday, November 21, 2018

How to Sell Digital Downloads on Blogger

Creating digital products is a simple way to earn money from your blog, especially if you're feeling jaded at the prospect of  9 to 5 for the rest of your working life.

Why You Should Sell Your Own Digital Products Online

By creating your and selling your own digital products there's no need for overheads, shipping, warehousing, and very little management required.   The world's your oyster, people will be interested in whatever you have to offer.

With just one well thought out product you can create a business in your chosen niche, and quickly start expanding your product range, as your product becomes more popular.

What Kind of Digital Products Can I Sell on My Blog?

Most bloggers sell books or courses, some even sell products.  Choose something you know you can create simply.  Creating updates for your readers, and regularly posting great content on your blog. 

Turning Your Writing into Revenue

If your already writing, chances are you already have the material on your blog to turn it into your very own eBook.

Make a start by going through your blog or website, and see if you have any suitable posts to turn into a book download.

Alternatives to Amazon for Selling Downloads

The internet is full of websites that will help you sell your digital products direct from your website.  In order to sell directly from your website you need people interested in you and your product.

If you already have a blog you can do both, you can sell a product directly from your blog, and sell books and eBooks on Amazon.  Just make sure you're not enrolled on KDP, and selling your book on other websites, at the same time.

Benefits of Selling Direct

  • You keep most of the profits
  • You can sell your readers free updates
  • You can stay in contact with your customers regularly
  • You have total Independence

Downside of Selling Direct

  • A website is a must, along with a sales description page
  • A digital delivery provider linked to a payment processor is a must
  • Your marketing and quality of your product may not reach the audience numbers you desire

Is There Money to Be Made in Selling Products Directly?

It's a numbers game like everything online, you need traffic, and people who want what you're selling. 

How Do I Get Paid?

You need a payment processor, before you set up your digital file delivery.  Here are some of the most popular payment processors online:

Setting Up a Digital Delivery of Your Downloads

A digital delivery system will help you to:

  • Provide a secure checkout
  • Link to your payment processor
  • Ensure a safe and secure delivery of digital download

How Much Should I Charge for My Digital Download?

The price you charge depends on the demand for your product.  Here are some points to consider before you decide what to charge for your product:
  • How valuable it is to your customer
  • Are you confident your product is worth a lot of money?
  • Offer your readers discounts by selling your product at a higher price
  • Offer customers price packages
How to Market Your Digital Download

If you're already a credible source online, you have the added advantage of being a credible source, and people will buy from you.  You can write a simple pitch, touching on a pain point to draw attention to your product.

Create Your Own Affiliate Scheme

Getting other people to sell your product, is a strategy used by the likes of Amazon and other huge online giants. 

By selling your product you can encourage your readers to sign up and get a cut of your profits. 

Tips to Increase Your Revenue

Here are a few tips to increase your on-site conversion rate:
  • Let people know why they're buying your product
  • Make it visual with video and images
  • Clear away all distractions on your website that would stop people from buying your product
  • Make your calls to action clear
  • Make it mobile friendly
  • Be sure it loads quickly