Wednesday, November 28, 2018

How to Raise Book Sales on Amazon

If you're new to self-publishing you may not know that Amazon, just like Google, is no more than a search engine for online buying.  Just like your blog posts, your books can disappear alongside all of the other books in your chosen genre.

Amazon is King when it comes to large online book sellers, and crucial to all authors wanting to boost sales and gain new readers.

Here are 7 ways to raise your book sales on

1. How to Achieve a Higher Ranking With Your Books on Amazon

If you were writing a blog post and wanted it to rank higher on Google, SEO experts would tell you to utilise tags and keywords.  The same rule applies to books and eBooks you sell on Amazon.

Two main components to ranking on Amazon are keywords and categories.  Your visibility, exposure, and sales on Amazon will remain lacklustre if these factors aren't taken into serious consideration.

When you upload a book on Kindle Publishing your allowed to use seven different keywords or strings of keywords. 

Let's say you're looking for a book about "wildlife", Amazon will come up with various suggestions to help you decide.  For example:

  • wildlife Richard Ford
  • wildlife photography
  • wildlife books
  • wildlife books for children
  • wildlife photographer of the year
  • wildlife calendar 2019
  • wildlife diary 2019

After you've looked up words pertaining to your particular niche, you then add seven related keywords in your book information.

2. Create a Strong Book Description

If you're creating a paperback alongside your eBook I recommend you use the description for the back cover of your paperback as your description.

Check out the back cover of one of my books below:

3. Invite People to Review Your Book

Use social media, emails or your blog to ask people to review your book.  Positive reviews help sell books.

4. Keep Your Author Profile Up-to-Date on Amazon

If you haven't got an author profile on Amazon already see the links below to set yours up:

It's a very simple process to add all of your books, RSS feed and include an author profile on Amazon.

5. Review Other People's Books on Amazon

You can gain a lot of visibility yourself by reviewing other authors books.  Keep your review simple and end it with "Katy Smith, author...", but don't leave a link within your review.  Amazon don't take kindly to people promoting their own work through reviews.

6. Use Paid Campaigns on Amazon to Gain Traction with Your Books

Kindle Publishing gives you the option to set up an Ad campaign on Amazon.   

7. Write a Blog Post About Your Book

Write blog posts about your books and publish on your blog.  Let your blog readers know when your eBooks will be free on Amazon.  Another great way of boosting readership of your books.