Monday, November 05, 2018

25 Best Places to Share Your Blog Content After Publishing

Publishing content is not enough, you need to promote your blog posts, to gain more visibility in all corners of the internet, double your blog traffic.

If you're not sure where to start posting, here are some places to get your posts seen by the most eyeballs:

Social Media

Most people have a social media account these days, start reaching out to as many sites as you can, and start to spread your presence online.

Facebook and Facebook Groups - 25% of all referral traffic comes from Facebook, however sharing a post just isn't enough.  You can bring in double if not triple the amount of traffic with the right kind of strategy.

Try starting a group in your blog niche, interact with your followers,  and provide them with tips, keeping them engaged regularly answering questions and adding links from your blog.  Watch the steady flow of traffic to your blog.

Twitter - Use Twitter to promote your blog, create Twitter cards for conversions, engage with fellow bloggers and influencers, using hashtags in your niche.

Pinterest - With really good graphics Pinterest can get you a lot of traffic.  Allowing you to create your own boards and group boards for referral traffic.  Check out my blog post 3 Great Reasons to Use Fotor, for creating images.

Google+ - Highly underrated, Google+ has 90% online marketers and bloggers, making it the second largest social networking site.

Instagram - Instagram is a great place for your readers to learn more about you and your brand, create photos and show them life through your eyes, with your products and books.

LinkedIn - If you're interested in article marketing, then look no further than LinkedIn Publishing.  LinkedIn Publishing gives you a platform to write articles or republish previous posts to people in your own particular niche.

Social Bookmarking Sites

Never out of fashion, social bookmarking websites are useful for bringing more eyeballs to your blog.  Here are some of the most popular:



Any reader that has taken the time to sign up and receive a free download or monthly newsletter is interested in what you have to offer.

Send your loyal followers published blog posts, current books, downloads to get more shares and follows of your blog.

Quora the Question and Answer Network

Promote your brand and authority by answering questions in a way that users will value, and add relevant links from your blog gain exposure.

With over a 174 million visitors a month, Reddit can give you a lot of traffic.  You can do this by:
  • Creating a professional looking profile.
  • Remain active in threads related to your niche.
  • Discover sub-reddits.
  • Give your blog post a catchy hook.

Use the visual content marketing platform Slideshare, that has almost 60 million visitors a month.  Create a simple slide show by:
  • Creating images that stand out.
  • Making your message clear.
  • Including a link back to the blog post your promoting.
Link Round-ups

Produce a weekly or bi-monthly round-up of your best posts and publish them.  This will benefit your audience greatly, with current news and ideas your blog has to offer, and sharing new resources and finds your blog have.

This strategy can also be used in your monthly newsletter, the links will benefit you with good quality backlinks to your already published posts.

Search Engines

Regularly submit your blog URL to search engines to get traffic, and make sure your sitemap is set up on Google Search Console.  Read more about setting up a sitemap here.

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