Monday, October 22, 2018

Content Your Blog Should Contain

If you've already started a blog on blogger or other platform management system, the next step is to understand what kind of content your blog needs.  This is the information that will attract your readers, and what you need to be writing about. 

Even the best intentions and most attractive blogs will fail without following these blogging tips:

4 Things Every Blog Needs
  1. Static pages (About Me, Start Here, Shop, Books etc.)
  2. Sidebar Content - Widgets that appear in your sidebar, such as newsletter, most recent blog posts, disclosure,categories or tags
  3. Blog Posts, posted regularly for your reader to follow
  4. Cornerstone or pillar posts, posts people will automatically gravitate to for information
Permanent Content on Your Blog

Your static pages should be the first things that you write up before you launch your blog. Let's dig a little deeper.

About Me Page

An important page for your readers to let them know who you are and what your story is.  Some bloggers like to make it fun and personal, other bloggers prefer a more business approach.

Contact Form

A means of communication for all of your readers, that they can use at any time.  You can set up your contact page by adding HTML of a simple form, allowing your readers to send emails asking for help. 

Services or Products

If you're looking to write books or provide a service you need to make sure you give your audience the right details about what service or products you're selling, provide a link on your page bar or in your sidebar.

Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

If you're selling other people's products you need to add a disclaimer in your sidebar, and make it clear to all of  your readers to see.  Your privacy policy and disclaimer will give you some liability protection.

Quick note: Take a look at bloggers in your niche, and see what they have in their blog navigation.

Archive Page

Bring together all of your blog posts on one page, this will allow your readers the chance to look at older blog posts that get less traffic.

Content in Your Blog Sidebar

This content can be found on the left or right of your sidebar, depending on the layout of your blog theme.  Here are some things you may want to add to your sidebar:

Blog Subscription

If you haven't already, you may want to add an RSS widget to your blog, there are a number of websites including Feedburner that you can use to do this.

Free Download

Add a free product such as an eBook or audio file.  Create your widget image using Fotor and add it in your sidebar, then create a pop up using Mailchimp.

Popular or Most Read Posts

This widget will direct your readers to your most popular blog posts and content.  Blogger uses a widget that you can easily customise to your preferred blog design.


Some bloggers choose to have banners in their sidebar to advertise affiliate links.  Make this a regular part of  your blog from the very beginning, so that your visitors can get used to the advertising on your blog.

Blog Categories or Tags

When you start writing your blog posts you can choose tags, these help your readers identify your main blog topics.  Making your blog easier to read.

Let's Connect

Allow your audience to connect with you on social media with follow me buttons on your blog sidebar.

Planning Your Blog Content

To maintain and build a successful blog you need a plan for creating future blog posts.  This will help you to blog consistently.

How to Write Really Good Blog Posts Regularly

As a writer you need a constant flow of ideas to write your blog posts.  Carry a notebook and pen when you're out and about, or make notes on your tablet, phone or PC.

Make Your Blog Posts Stand-Out

Create content with images, videos and slides to stand-out from the crowd. Engage your readers with a good quality intro and solid content.

Become an Expert in Your Niche

Bloggers with the most recognition are always at the top of the pile.  Strive for quality always and never give up.

Maintain Regular Engagement with Your Audience

Reply to comments when they're left on your blog, respond to email queries, join in discussions on other blogs in your field. 

Be Dependable

Consistency is the key to good blogging, let any well-known magazine or paper, you need to write frequently to get your readers attention.  Do this and you'll do well as a blogger.